Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cynthia Rowley "Fashion Truck" made the 11 o'clock news

By Laura Medina

KABC's reporter, Leslie Miller, reporting inside the Cynthia Rowley "Fashion Truck."

After a Summer of traveling cross-country and talks then making stops first in Orange County then making the rounds in the City of Angels for various events, especially for Los Angeles Fashion's Night Out, KABC reporter, Leslie Miller has finally christened Cynthia Rowley's "Shop on Wheels" or "Boutique on Wheels" a more aptedly name of "Fashion Truck."

The Fashion Truck has gradually garnered media attention since it rolled into town a month ago.

This past, recent Tuesday night, news crews, from E! Entertainment Network, KABC/Channel 7 News, and a student news crew from University of Southern California, have gathered and checked out Ms. Rowley's current Fall 2011 Collection and surfwear especially made for women surfers, like herself.

Above, even Ms. Miller tried on the latest sequin cardigan and pullover-and obviously, had fun doing it.

Ms. Miller focused on the evolution of the mobile restaurant into a mobile clothing boutique and the emerging trend of making shopping more accessible and more personalize for the customer-and playful.

Since it is essentially a boutique on wheels carrying a designer's entire collection and then some, Ms. Rowley's Fashion Truck can be rented for festivals, events, parties, and fundraisers, such as Tuesday Night's Project Angel Food. All they had to do was convert the charity's parking lot into both a party and a shop. Twenty percent of that night's profits will support Project Angel Food services.

"The Arriviste" is among the shoppers inside the fashion truck with Ms. Karla Cavalli, the stylist.

Karla Cavalli, Ms. Rowley's stylist, states the advantages of having a mobile clothing boutique arriving into your neighborhood, to you personally and directly.

Paraphasing her, a fashion designer's fan wouldn't be able to see, touch, and feel the entire collection in a department store that only order a few selections or they may see the collection online but not able to try on a piece.

A mobile boutique is able to carry a designer's entire line then deliver it to the customer where she or he is able to browse, pick, and try it on. Shoppers found this to be a great and fun sampling of a designer's work and/or collection.

Ms. Miller also noted this is a great marketing and advertising for a brand new to town without the hefty of construction, renovation, and space. Plus, like most trucks, this fashion truck is only at a location no more than two days, making the experience even more special. It was only at Project Angel Food's Hollywood offices for one night only.

Then, it's driving onto Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

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