Monday, September 6, 2010

Steals & Deals. FREE FACIALS & MAKEOVERS at Marina Del Rey's CVS with Paveena

By Laura Medina

The fortunate of being in a non-descript shopping center in one of the city's best swinging-single neighborhoods, Marina Del Rey, is having the most spacious CVS drugstore with the widest assortment of upscale but affordable-within-reach European skincare and the space to set up a spa for free facials and a vanity table/makeup station for when you don't want to apply makeup but have to.

In this, as of now quiet Westside outpost, one can simply saunter in pre-Fashion's Night Out or slump right in post-Fashion's Night Out.

If you want to be prim and proper, please call the Beauty Department manager, Monica Gils or the facialist/makeup artist, Paveena Encinas. She is the woman who perked up this tired fashion journalist.

That is her business card, above, (310) 821-8908 at 13171 Mindanao Way at 90 Freeway, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.

Paveena's earliest booking is at 11:30 am.

Using the finest European cleansers, masks, and scrubs, she wipes the grim from the day or night before while warming up the towels in a crock pot. Ready, she'll wrap the freshly warmed, moisten towels over your face to steam your pores clean.

From there, Paveena's expertise as a Lancome and Shiseido artist shines. This is where she teaches you "High mountain. Low Valley" eye makeup. The "High Mountain" is where you highlight and open up the brow bridge and eye lid. The "Low Valley" is the crease and definition to give your peepers shape.

If the drugstore brands aren't up to her sniff, she brings her own personal cache of Lancome and Shiseido cosmetics with her.

If Fashion's Night Out leaves you dragging, Paveena keeps it simple by using affordable NYX coral cream cheek stick that does a triple threat of cheeks, eyes, and lips. Then, she simply lines the lids with purple eyeliner then tops off the lips with a glace of peach gloss.

Not only is this a simple and sweet look for recovering but if you want to recreate the look, the actual items, all together, only costs $10 to $15 at most.

As "wise pro," Paveena dots the facial and makeovers with great tips, from the theaterical one-shade deeper foundation below the cheeks then all over the jaw for a sharper look to using creamy eye cream as a creamy but moist lip cream to prepping the skin with feather-weight serum-no oil.

Not only do you walk looking better but since these are freebie services, you'll feel better, too.

Yep, this is the face behind "The Arriviste" after Paveena's facial and makeover. Simple Sweet.

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