Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mayor Villaraigosa brings LA Fashion Week at the Beverly Center, today at 1pm

By Laura Medina

Today at the Beverly Center, this afternoon at 1pm on the La Cienaga Parking Ramp , Mayor Villaraigosa will officially announce the commence of Los Angeles Fashion's Night Out on September 10th at 5pm and Shop LA to celebrate the worldwide recognition of the city's billion-dollar fashion industry and support homegrown talent with worldwide influence.

At this official press conference, he will unveil the official billboard and poster of LA Fashion's Night Out, which is above, position at the mall's entrance on La Cienage Boulevard.

This is the official public announcement of the 300 participating retailers throwing a bonanza of parties, give-aways, fashion shows, and performances by prominent designers and artists being aided by their celebrity friends and family with free parking and free DASH Bus transportation from, to, and back at the Beverly Center on September 10th.

At the end of the night, attendees, locals and visitors, gain free entrance to XIV and Industry by SBE when they retain their $25 receipt from shopping at the 300 retailers, ranging from Abbot Kinney through Downtown Los Angeles.

Then tomorrow, he will focus on Shop LA, a year-around initiative where locals are encouraged to support the local talent and businesses within the greater city of Los Angeles.

A dollar from every ten dollars in sales tax revenue will support neighborhood libraries, public safety, park and recreation, and animal shelters.

If you want catch the Mayor in action, see him in action at 1pm at the Beverly Center today.

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