Monday, September 6, 2010

First Aid Kit for Fashion's Night Out

By Laura Medina

Cynthia Rowley-designed Band Aids for blisters and scrapes during NY Fashion Week.

With the island of Manhattan bursting with Fashion's Night Out happenings and parties then three hours later, the City of Angels unfurling a fury of parties and scenes with a very generous package of free parking, free tee-shirts, free nightclubs, free carnivals, free snacks, free cocktails, and free cupcakes, doing and covering Fashion's Night Out on both coasts, with the average count of three parties in one night, can be an exhausting night enjoying the festivities.

But, trying celebrating Fashion's Night Out then running the circuit of the entire New York Fashion Week for the next 6 days and nights. It is running a marathon in high heels with full makeup on. Something no professional athelete can never understand until toss into the mix.

Don't despair. The Arriviste is here...with fashionable appropriate kits and double-duty skincare that doesn't weigh you down, dashing from beauty happening to runway show, is a flash.

What's really great, these products shield, moisturize, and don't clog.

Designer Cynthia Rowley is now the reigning queen of fashionable function, from her cute but durable surfwear for surfer women, like herself, to thinking of designer diapers for hip moms to personally enduring the race of New York Fashion Week-wild-patterned band aids to cover those blisters and scrapes.

These special, limited-edition Band Aids can be purchase at her boutiques, online store, and the Cooper-Hewitt Museume. Every dollar goes to supporting art programs.

Want to save time and money for the parties and fetes-and space?
These quads of double-duty gels and creams are here to help.
Believe it or not, NARS Nourishing Eye Cream is more soothing light-weight gel for already-stressed eyes and lips. So jelly in texture that it does not clog. Great for that late Summer/early Fall clogging-inducing sweat and heat.
Philosophy Eye & Lip Cream comes in a handy tube you can stash in your pockets and clutch, packed with vitamins E and C. Eases dark circles and parched lips.
You don't have to bust the piggy bank to get double-duty skincare.
If you're diligent to save your CVS coupons, you can get some deep discounts on these serious European sunscreens in a tube.
La Roche-Posay Eye Cream in SPF 29 is also a decadent lip creams that, obviously protects from the UV rays.
The Allure Magazine-endorsed Vichy NormaDerm Pro Matte Sunscreen SPF 15 Lotion in a tube is both a mattifier and a sunscreen for everybody'd T-Zone.
These are "Dab & Dash" beauty first aids you can dump in your pockets and go.

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