Monday, October 4, 2010

Not just for Halloween, MAC's Venomous Villains let you vamp it up for the rest of the year.

By Laura Medina

The Cruella de Vil Set
In the Jewel Court of South Coast Plaza, this recent Friday morning, in Coast Mesa, California, MAC Cosmetics unveiled their deviously decadent limited edition "Venomous Villains" Collection.
This was a special occasion and a collaboration with Disney. The "Mouse" was kind enough to allow MAC creative directors and artists to delve into historical archives, sketches, notes, and the actual color palettes to determine the texture, the formula, and colors for this distinct makeup collection.
Like Disney's limited DVD release of its movies, MAC can only allot so much classic brick rouge and lipstick and mosaic purple eyeshadow before they disappear...or as they say, "Go back into the Disney vault."
Despite the dramatic, larger-than-life characters or divas, MAC wants to make sure their customers can wear the palette year-around.
Actually, the Cruella de Vil set is a very classic, late Fifties color range. Once MAC fans found out how classic this set is, the brick lipstick is sold 0ut and the flesh-toned red rouge is now a collector's item. The red is from the lining of Cruella's fur coat. The conservative cream eyeshadow came from her fur coat. These colors and items, the classic red lipstick and rouge and cream face powder and eyes might be the same makeup ladies from "Mad Men" might had used during that era.

Evil Queen Set

Disney never describe their antagonists as "evil." But since the majority of them were created in the late Thirties to the Early Sixties, they described as "mysterious." In Allure's August issue, they were used in terms of seductive, strong, wise, serious, glamorous, decadent, stylish, and powerful. They were also the mature woman counterpart to the Princesses' peak of adolescent "Rose Bud" blooming of womanhood. Each villain is the extreme epitome of that era's glamour.

Cruella was the tres chic version of Dior gone mad. The Evil Queen has Jean Harlow's eyebrows and Joan Crawford's face. Maleficent of "Sleeping Beauty" has Katherine Hepburn's features. Dr. Facilier is a dandy in velvet tuxedo jacket with coattails and a top hat. All four has accentuated cheekbones and high, sharp eyebrows, indicting tough and commanding.

"Sleeping Beauty's" Maleficent Set

MAC knows that people would not want to wear green foundation. Even though the Venomous Villain Line is launched just in time for Halloween, they selected colors that can be worn through-out the year.

Plus, they want to keep up their tradition for being "on spot." The rich indigo and deep violets in glamorous glitter were well-represented on runway for today's Fall 2010 Collections.

Since Fall Fashion is richer and deeper in color, texture, and tailoring, it was fitting that Venomous Villains' purple, black, and navy represents the divas' elegance, worldliness, wisedom, sultriness, and strength-an grown-up alternative to Spring's Princesses' pastels and gauziness. Purple is also the color of royality since it is the most difficult color to get in nature, representing the diva's regal deportment. The MAC artists cannot get over how the color purple is not only a sexy shade but a great neutral for everyone from lilac to mauve to plum. Forget beige and bronze, it's a purple reign.

Dr. Facilier and Magically Cool Liquid Powder.

Maleficent's Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo, a mosaic of glittering purple and black, represents her powers and allure-and the flair for drama. It is the most intense purple MAC has released.

The Evil Queen's lilac, burgundy, and purple came from her robe and dress.

The most lowkey of them all was the innovative of them all, Magically Cool Liquid Powder from Dr. Facilier's set.

Unlike most moisturizing powder, this one has no oil or lotion embedded in the particles. Instead, water molecules are implanted into the grains of powder. When applied, it's a puff off water. Seventy percent water, it refreshes and keep the skin dewy without oil. Great for oily complexions melting away in the heat.

To keep the flush to the Princesses, the divas have very little or a neutral blush. The eyes are enriched and the lips engroged, empowering sensuality.

Just in time for Halloween, these keepsakes can be moisten with water for a more intense effect for the holiday or with a light-hand for the rest of the year.

Halloween is the time to release your inner diva. Express her with MAC's Venomous Villains Line. Get it before it flies away.

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