Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CoverFX is a Grown-Up MAC.

By Laura Medina

Victor Casale was Chief Chemist and Managing Director at MAC Cosmetics, Ltd., where he gained a reputation as a world-renowned product innovator.

Then, he met Lee Graff and discovered her CosMedic Clinic, where medical grade cosmetics to help heal and protect patients' skin while camouflaging flaws and blemishes as the foundation treats the flaws and blemishes.

That's where and when CoverFX was born, when MAC chemists switched over to make cosmetics that benefit the skin, as well as making it appear good.  Going skin deep.

Cover FX products are oil, paraben and fragrance free, contain UVA & UVB SPF, are water resistant and stay on all day.  Our foundations are a new generation of coverage that look and feel like second skin, provide buildable cover, are available in over 30 global shades and are affordable. They are the solution for all minor to major skin problems from dark undereye circles to sun damage to skin redness.

They have developed several unique technologies such as:

  • Derma Fix – A blend of ingredients that enable our foundation to bind to the skin and to itself, hence permitting buildable coverage
  • Derma Veil – This technology provides a breathable veil for the skin, blurring fine lines and pores while creating a smooth-as-glass surface, ideal for foundation application
  • Line Fill – Tiny dehydrated hyaluronic spheres that swell when in contact with water within skin tissues; water is time released back into skin for continual hydration
Believing in Healthy Skin and Healthy Makeup.  Their products continue to be tested on people with extremely sensitive skin, such as rosacea patients.  People who need this the most.

In this rare, one-day only moment in time, CoverFX did a pop-up cosmetic workshop lab in the old Frederic Fekkai salon in Melrose Place, the real Melrose Place of secluded boutiques and cafes.

The first lab station was the customized makeup primer, heavy on skincare for various skincare concerns.

First, you have your base.

For this scribe's sensitive skin, the cosmetic chemists add chamomile which is the anti-inflammatory serum.  Then, they add drop of anti-inflammatory serum to calm down the skin.  They vials of Vitamin C to help the scarring.  Vitamin E for healing.  Another set of vials of anti-aging serum.

For anti-aging primer, add Vitamin E and Anti-Aging Serum to the base.

Walk upstairs to the loft, that's where Victor Casale held a "mix your customized" foundation.  It was like paint class for adults.

No wonder art students and art school grads make the best makeup artists.

Obviously, the guest students started heaping on the yellow pigment.

This is when Victor started educating them.

Interesting note, the red pigment is sandstone.  The same sandstone that makes Las Vegas' Redrock red.  The same mineral.

Of course, the white pigment brightens.  The red sandstone pigment...and the black warms up the yellow pigment into something more flesh-tone, more human.

This pop-up workshop lab was a rare opportunity for CoverFX to be open and honest while being crafty and creative.  The best way to learn.

Their Perfect Light Highlighting Powders are talc-free.  Talc emphasize wrinkles.  Instead, again minerals, they use mica, infused with amino acids, in their powders.  The formula is enriched with Vitamin C, E, antioxidants, green tea extract which helps with neutralizing free radical damage and Vitamin F, which is known for having hydrating benefits.

The icing on the cake is their Custom Enhancer Drops station, used alone as highlighters or as a subtle bronzer/blush or to add warmth or sparkle to foundations.  They're made from real pearls.

CoverFX goes beyond the surface.  They're beneficial makeup that aids on easing skin ailments while covering the flaws as they boost people's confidence and self-esteem.

Intelligent cosmetics with skincare results for adults.

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