Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5 Do Overs for 5 Nights Straight, L.A. Food Bowl's Night Market is the Ultimate Food Truck Feast.

By Laura Medina

As a form of hometown pride and finally getting around that California is the world's fruit and vegetable basket, the city's eminent food critics gather around to dedicate the whole month of May as Los Angeles Food Bowl, where the city's best chefs and restaurant throw events to demonstrate that the City of Angels is grows the best produce, that they cook into the best meals, with the most creativity.

Dispelling that good food is snotty fine dining reserved for Hollywood stars publicized by tabloid paparazzi, L.A. Times' Night Market showcases real Los Angeles cuisine, taste, and restaurants; and locals have some darn good taste.

Yes, it reinforces that L.A. dining currently is food truck-dependent but it's fine dining that comes to the people.  It's also a great way for young chefs to show what they got.

This recent Night Market that run from Wednesday night through Sunday night finale, from 5pm to 10pm, was approachable as it was fun and the noshing innovative, with darn good ingredients.

During Night Market, you'll run into then chow on meals from restaurants featured on Food Network, such as Bludso's BBQ.  That only thing that bites is you biting into candied barbeque and mouth-watering seafood and juicy frozen treats; well, because it's Summer around the corner.

With an amazing array of cuisines and innovations, it is best that you come each and every night of the five nights festival to be fair and square to sample everything on the three blocks Grand Park.  Look on the bright, for those who are cooking challenged, let this trained army of chefs, do all the work.  Plus, at $5 general admission ticket and the most expensive items are capped at $10, you can fine dine cheaper than valet parking.

"Everyone wants lobster," a dismayed foodie cried when they found on Sunday's finale that Lobsterdamus run out of half and whole grilled lobster and try to make do with Lobster Nachos,  Lobster Truffle Fries, and Lobster Garlic Noodles.

With Lobsterdamus, they make sure you'll get your bang for your buck, http://lobsterdamus.com/


L.A. Food Bowl's Night Market is a great opportunity to experience the "wow" and the unexpected.

Who would had known that Australia kicks butt in gelato-making, pushing it beyond boundaries, such as Deep Fried Gelato and Caramel Popcorn encrusted Gelato.

Gelato Messina has been doing so awesome in the gelato game, they expanded to a Las Vegas out-post.  Their only American post.

Yes, this scrumptious scribe has gelato on the brain.  Lo and behold, Santa Monica's Stickhouse, gelato popsicles, beckons as fancy, fun refreshers between the savory meals.  Again going beyond expectations, they dip sorbets into chocolate then dust crush nuts on the sorbet and gelato popsicles.

Stickhouse takes it further, making it tough to choose, which one...hhhmmm....droooool...
Cupido is a gelato popsicle covered in sorbet.

A gelato cake on a stick, a gelato popsicle covered in sponge cake on a stick, can't beat that with a stick.  Yes, pun intended.

You can get hook and follow their Italian popsicle truck or go straight to 223 Broadway between 2nd and 3rd Streets in beautiful Santa Monica, California. They're open at 7:30am, 7 days a week, so please drop in and say, Ciao.

Knowing this is L.A., it ain't a party unless there are DJs.

L.A. Food Bowl's Night Market is when all sorts of Angelenos come out for both family fun and date night.

This scribe got her feet wet into being a foodie when she grew up with the extinct Taste of Charleston back in the Seventies and Eighties.  Now, future foodies are being exposed to a wide variety of cuisine and innovations that this scribe couldn't imagine a few weeks ago.

Lucky kids, big and small.

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