Monday, May 15, 2017

A Toast to Cava, Spain's Unsung Sparkling Wine.

By Laura Medina

A British associate informed this scribe that a new type of wine is taking all of Europe by storm, Cava from Spain because the quality is consistent and the price is affordable.

The Cava luncheon at Ray's and Stark's, Los Angeles County of Museum of Art's fine dining restaurant, on a Monday afternoon, was a subtle debut for this low key wine, taking Europe by storm.

Europeans with money or saved money, buy Central California Coast wines for their top-tier quality and consistency.  But for the rest of Europe after Brexit, they're quaffing Cava.

The Monday luncheon presents Cava wines that adopt well to California and Los Angeles' need for low calorie, but protein-filling and fueling attitude, in regards to Baby Boomers noshing on sushi and Millennials poking on their poke bowls.

Anna de Codorniu's Blanc de Blancs was the wine served through-out the whole 3-course lunch.  It takes 15 years to ferment a bubbly texture and flavors of pineapple, grapefruit, and lime.  No wonder they served it the whole time.  It's a good all-around, pairs well with stir-fry, grilled meat, and seafood, such as this Yellowtail Crudo with Kumquats and Cucumber Aguachile.

Alternative to Rose and made specifically to the sweet tooths, Anna de Codorniu's Dulce is a straightforward cocktail wine, that you can pour straight onto the ice.  It's a 70% chardonnay made specifically as a dessert wine.   With bubbles of peach and almond blossoms hitting the nose, it's a good afternoon cocktail wine that pairs well with sorbet and popsicles, like this Passion Fruit Mousse with Honey Lavender Ice Cream.

This was the second most popular Cava during Monday's luncheon.

70% Pinot Noir that sparkles of fun Summer fruits of cherries and strawberries with light green apple notes, Anna de Codorniu's Rose signals the start of Summer, for light, bubbly versions of  very dark and serious Pinot Noir and deep, buttery Chardonnay, such Grilled Chicken Breast with English Peas and Spring Salad.

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