Friday, May 26, 2017

Evan Ross & Ashley Simpson with Olivia Culpo Get Early, Fresh Pickings from Lucky Brand Denim's Fall/Winter 2017 Collection.

By Laura Medina

As soon as the sun sets on Dior's Victorian/Pioneer Western collection, it immediately pops up in Lucky Brand Denim's latest Fall/Winter 2017 collection.  Not surprising, since Lucky Brand Denim is all about mining Americana and the West for ideas.

Evan Ross and Ashley Simpson with Olivia Culpo, obviously, got and wore the fresh pickings from the Fall/Winter  2017 collection before it retails for the public.

This scribe was impressed by Olivia Culpo's tan suede, collar-less, moto jacket.

There's also an Eighties throwback with personalized monogramming for jean trucker jackets, vests, and tote bags, such as the headlining DJ couple, Minh and Amy Phan.

The biggest thing about Lucky Brand Denim's Fall/Winter 2017 collection is that they're expanding into lifestyle with a bedding collection to match the clothes.

Think of Lucky Brand Denim's Fall/Winter 2017 collection as affordable and more accessible version of Dior's Western Resort 2017 collection, signaling a Pioneer/Victorian spirit in contemporary fabrics, like this floral smocked blouse in sheer chiffon.

This pussy-bow blouse under black overall with embroidered motorcycle jacket is a fresh pairing.

Eyelet lace is back in off-shoulder shirt and coat shirt or a coat dress in Swiss Dot Lace.

Trends don't solely exist in clothes.  They also exist in food and beverages.

The Americana trend continues with Jack Daniel's BBQ Meats.  Thank god, they're prepared and sold in supermarkets for your own party.

Pulled pork and chicken, soaking in Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce, were in sliders and tacos. Easy and accessible.

Lucky Brand Denim's Fall/Winter 2017 debut party was a second-chance Coachella for those who can't make it or won't drive to the desert.

They really up the ante when Korey Dane hit the stage.

They got the Urban Cowgirl grooving.

Isn't that the point in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2017, Urban Cowgirl.

The material is sheer and the tailoring Victorian enough to carry over into next year's "Bobo"/Hippy Coachella.

So, Lucky Brand Denim's Fall/Winter 2017 is an investment.


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