Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Nightclub Meets Cooking Show, How to be a Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party Audience Member.

By Laura Medina

It's fitting that Martha Stewart and Snoops Dogg's cooking/talk show is currently taping its second season during Los Angeles Food Bowl Month of May.

Just a mere happy coincidence.

Being an audience member, especially in your favorite show, is entering then winning a lottery.  With talk/game shows trying to keep it fresh and lively, you only have that window of time, that one time shot of getting there and being there, watching magic happen.

This salivating scribe saw On Camera Audience.com by chance then saw they gather and collection audience for Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. 

This was back in January.

On a wing and a prayer, anyone can pick their favorite show then enter to win.

Five months later, Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party begun filming and needed an audience.

When you win the "lottery," you have an one-time chance to pick one day and one time slot.  No "double-dipping."

Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party tapes only on Thursdays and Fridays twice, during the afternoon and at night....How's that for a date?

Once you pick the date and time, you have to print out the ticket or else, security have the right to kick out.  The show is taped in a real live network studio.

Being an audience member is like being in adult kindergarten because staff and security don't want "studio crashers" hunting for producing deals.

Yep, this is a long one and an half hour wait to fill out release forms, only two bathroom breaks, phones turned off, then TV show staff gathering and marching "guests" into one of the nicest and most comfortable cooking shows.

How cool?

Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party shares...just a tidbit...whatever dish Martha, Snoop, and guests cook then feast on.  The production assistants give each audience member, only one mocktail to dainty sip through three hours taping.

It's really polite as it's cool in how audiences are treated.

Instead of cramming in people like sardines, there are cafĂ© tables and chairs spread through-out the studio.  The more comfortable, the more "party" the audience.

Marching into the studio, this scribe overheard the day before, Martha and Snoop did two shows on French cuisine and Americana Diner fare.  People were snacking on escargot and burger sliders.

Again, no selfies!

On this day taping, it's Happy Chinese New Year with Max Chow, Mr. Chow's son, slicing crispy Peking Duck, presented by Martha.

Snoop Dogg presented his favorite "City Wok (Orange) Chicken; or what he calls "Orange is the New Black" Chicken, down the street from the studio, aptly-named Studio City.

They also invited a Chinese noodle master to make noodles from scratch on the show.

Margaret Cho was their celebrity and she's Korean-American...

Snoop cracks a joke a minute.  He's also wipe the counter clean and very considerate in-between takes.

Martha hates country music but proud to say her distant ancestor is Genghis Khan and was one of the first American to travel to China in the seventies.

But people were drooling like Pavlov's dogs, watching orange chicken being tossed and shellacked.  Lo Mein Noodles being pound and stretch.  Max Chow explaining you need to blow air into the Peking Duck for crunchy skin.

Once Martha and Snoop sit down to feast, that's the same time production assistants/waiters deliver audience member, dainty hors d'oeuvre serving of whatever Martha and Snoop are feasting.

Two Orange chicken tenders, a little noodle there and two Peking Duck slices on rice.

The staff is kind enough to say, if you don't like that food being cooked that day, you don't have to eat it. Simple

But, it's not so stiff.

Audience has every right to laugh and dance...on cue.

But, eating the same food that they cook at a bistro setting with a drink.

Can't beat that!

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