Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Win a Ellie Goulding Concert or an Ellie Goulding Work-Out in GoMacro Bar Sweepstakes with "the Goulding Ticket."

By Laura Medina


GoMacro and Ellie Goulding have launched their partnership with a North American sweepstakes entitled the “Goulding Ticket.” The sweepstakes involves specially marked MacroBars packaged with a ticket and code for a chance to win VIP tickets to see Ellie in concert at Madison Square Garden on June 21st or Toronto’s Open Air Canada Centre on June 19th, or a trip to LA for a workout with Ellie and her personal trainer. 

Keep your eyes out for the special gold "Ellie Goulding" circle stickers on each bar of GoMarco Bar.
Goulding, who recently performed at the 58th annual Grammy Awards, is also well known for her dedication to healthy living, vegetarianism and marathon running. Ellie is a long-term fan of GoMacro and turns to MacroBars to stay energized during her hectic daily schedule. The new brand partnership aligns well with Ellie’s priorities of health, fitness, and community outreach and GoMacro’s mission to provide organically grown, plant-based nutrition for on-the-go families and athletes.
“MacroBars are my go-to snack after a workout and when I’m on tour. I love the taste and how they keep me satisfied for hours,” commented Goulding. “I am excited to begin my partnership with a brand that shares my values of healthy living and giving back.”

A GoMacro Bar marked with the special gold "Goulding" sticker holds either one of the two tickets, one for the concerts and one for a rare, exclusive work-out with Ellie Goulding, herself.

Go to https://gomacro.com/shop/elliegoulding/ then click on the matching corresponding ticket then type the ticket code to actually enter the sweepstake.

Up first are her concerts, either at Madison Square Garden on June 21st or Toronto’s Open Air Canada Centre on June 19th. 

ELLIE GOULDING CONCERT sweepstake ends on May 31st.  The winner is announced on June 1st. 

The winner gets airfare and accommodations for yourself plus 1 to NYC or Toronto to see Ellie Goulding in concert with VIP passes to meet Ellie.
The following 10 winners get Delirium Album, Ellie poster, and tray of MacroBars.
The remaining 250 winners get coupon for free MacroBar.
The rarer ticket is the one winning you a personalized work-out with Ellie herself and her personal trainer.

The runs later until August 31st.  The winner is announced on September 1st, when Ellie takes a break from touring to get her work-out.  Obviously, this will happen in Los Angeles.

The winner wins a trip to LA for a workout with Ellie and her personal trainer, with airfare and accommodations included.
10 winners receive Subscribe to Save for 6 months.

250 winners get a coupon for free MacroBar.
"Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll?"  Say it ain't so, but this is the new, real, fit face of rock n' Roll.

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