Thursday, May 19, 2016

Activewear Becomes Contemporary Wear, Kit & Ace and Lanston.

By Laura Medina

Kit and Ace Stardust Overall.

You need to break your confining attitude towards activewear.

The real activewear is when designers take activewear fabrics then re-tailoring and re-constructing them into very forward contemporary that today's young ladies want to wear.

Why incorporating activewear fabric into contemporary wear?

With sticky, stuffy Summer arriving soon, the breathability and the sweat-evaporating and the snap-back stretch makes it ideal for today's women's lifestyles.  With the draping ability of knitwear, it makes activewear more stylish as it molds and drapes a woman's curves that doesn't restrict her.

Kit and Ace's Stardust Overall, their sold-out hit, is easy, breezy halter top attached to tailored trousers for all-in-one complete look, a complete outfit.

Kit and Ace is known for their high-tech “technical cashmere.”  

Starting with performance fabrics, engineered from the fibre stage. Their proprietary fabric family, Qemir™ (pronounced “come ‘ere”), brings technical properties to noble fibres – Technical Cashmere™ you can throw in the wash, silk with dynamic stretch and bounce-back ponte that feels as good as your yoga pants.  They added functional details – shrink integrity, breathability, venting, wicking, stain shield technology, performance trims and meticulous Italian tailoring. Every piece is wear-tested for 288 hours. 

With the functionality of movement and lifestyle, contemporary design companies are, also incorporating activewear tailoring into contemporary clothes, Kit and Ace's Bartlett Trousers,

With adjustable ankle zippers, these shape-shifting trousers can be straight for the days you need some space or skinny when you are ready to commit, two trousers in one.

Another activewear company going contempo is Lanston.  It's fashionable enough to be sold on

Yes, they use the more traditional stretch knitwear but they do knitwear's draping to its best, in button-down blouses, forward open-shoulder and off-shoulder tops, jumpsuits, and dresses.

Kit and Ace, with Lanston, are the next generation of contemporary wear for today's women-on-the-go.  We're not sacrificing style for fitness nor are we sacrificing fitness for style.  We can have it all.



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