Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Gift Your Mom Wishes She Bought for You, Dyson Pure Cool Link Fan/Air Purifier to Clean Up the Air.

By Laura Medina


Here's the gift your mom wished you bought for  both her and you, a Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Fan and Air Purifier to suck in the pollutants while blowing a cool breeze on a hot, smoggy day in L.A.

As you know, the Dyson folks think of everything.

The Dyson Pure Cool Lilnk Purifier is a two-in-one.

Remotely controlled and turned on and off with an app, this hybrid fan/filter sucks in pollutants then traps them in a removable filter then blasts out the clean air to circulate and cool the room.

Not bad for tweeny-weeny studio apartments, worth the investment.

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