Monday, May 23, 2016

"Pretty Little Lairs" Tammin Sursok's new mom blog, "Bottle & Heels" bangs with a bash by Pop Your Shop.

By Laura Medina

Forget brunch on Mother's Day.  Shoot!  Forget Mother's we know it.

The garden launch party for "Pretty Little Liar's" Tammin Sursok's new mommy blog, Bottles + Heels,, was the best Mother's Day party there was...thanks to Harmonie Krieger's Pop Your Shop event and party planning outfit,

That's what Tammin Sursok did.  She thanked Pop Your Shop for attracting then managing 52 different vendors to throw this awesome event.  Tammin informed the crowd it was an one-month long endeavor from idea to happening last Sunday afternoon in Bel Air.

It thanks that you're a television star in an hot tv series, "Pretty Little Liars," and have celebrity tv friends, such as Jaime King showing up then partying with their tots.  Yes, there were a lot of celebrity baby tots and toddlers running around.

Paleta's new gluten-free, organic food delivery plan catered the afternoon garden party for hot, young Hollywood moms to lose weight without going hungry.  Yes, the mini pizzas is gluten-free chickpea crust.

Gourmet CA Donuts spelling out, "Bottle and Heels," were displayed in tiers for the taking, especially by tiny and big tots.

 Blushington provided makeup pick-me-ups for weary moms.

Chivalrous gentlemen-for-hire, Man Servants,, were hired (fans to cool, umbrella to sun-shield and carry) to help properly-attired ladies in heels and Birkin Tote Bags, climb the precarious, pebble-laden steep steps up to the...

Hillside terrace second-half of Tammin's Bottle + Heels party where fruity-sweet California Fruit Wine provided yummy refreshers (these are the real wine coolers), The Golden Door massage tables, and tarot card reader awaits them.  Lovely vista view of the main pool garden party down below.

The real mission of the garden party waited at the last-minutes after the kids burn out their energy and ready for a nap.

That's when Tammin present her panel of Millennial Mommy Influencers and how different they're from their Baby Boom moms.

Gen-X moms can and did go with the flow of this Hollywood Glam Mom party.  We called it "Mother's Day Do-Over."

But boys, Tammin's savy, swanky mommy soiree can make Baby Boomer and Greatest Generation moms jealous...thanks with Pop Your Shop's help.

Jillian Rose Darlington of MomCo app and Rachel Pitzel's Club Momme (the coolest mom parties) talked how Millenial Moms are changing how today's young moms are changing the social landscape by taking technology by the horn and making it easier and fun for today's young moms to connect and support, much like Tammin's

If Bottle+Heels is a lifestyle blog with insider Hollywood Celebrity Mom angle, then Rachel is proud to say she simply used her event party skills to hook up much-needed baby vendors with real moms who still want to party but with their babies and tots.  Her Club Momme parties were such an hit, she made a big profit selling her mommy parties company to a bigger corporation.

Jillian Rose Darlington honestly talked about being feral kid being raised alone by a single parent.  Now that she's a mom, she wanted and knew something better.  She invented, where cool moms, like her, can hook up and socialize.

These cool Millennial moms may had started as "Sex and the City" single ladies.  But just because they're now moms, it never means they're gonna to abandon what they enjoy when single.  They're taking those hip, fun things then adding a mom twist to it, Sunday's Tammin's Bottle+Heels blog premiere party proved that.

Whether it's Blushington for makeup touch-ups and California Fruit Wine for weary moms to...

Hip, cool fun activities for the tiny tots, like Au Fudge's cookie decorating table, trampoline, and a rock band for babies, "Doing the Hokey Pokey."

Tammin's Millenial Moms are doing motherhood their way.  They're not gonna let society push them around, like it did to their moms.

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