Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Shape-Up Guide Busting the Gym Rut.

By Laura Medina

Yes, everybody has been in a panic because "Bikini Season" is right around the corner with Memorial Day igniting the madness.  What should be a year-around lifestyle is really seasonal for most folks because the sun is beckoning our sun-starved skin to soak up the Vitamin D with the UV rays.

This means fit body. 

Here's a Summer Shape-Up that will break up the staleness of the same ole gym routine.

Former educational video game founder, Ntiedo Etuk, got into fitness after a health warning from his doctor.  Once he set foot in the fitness, he discovered all these fitness instructors scattered all over the place in New York.  Would it be great if all these fitness talent are under one roof at a fair price to break out of the exercise monotony? 

This is where YG Studios,, comes in.

It's a program website that offers choices of locations, variety of fitness instructors, and fitness services that are available during that week.

It's not a gym or one particular studio that forces you trek across town or across the mountains or the freeway.  It's a fitness option site that shows what's available in your area during a time frame.

Since it's a site, you can specifically request a fitness specialist on your own term, from YG Studio's roster list.  Each fitness specialist comes a profile, a backstory on their specialty.

Https:// is a virtual fitness under one roof that tailor fit your needs on your time, schedule, and neighborhood.  It gives you options.

The simplest looking thing is actual the most difficult thing to do.

Thanks to textile technology making satin fabric way stronger (holding up to 250 lb.s), aerial trapeze then aerial fitness following it, is a pretty recent but very popular phenomena.

Yes, it looks sexy.  It looks glamorously artistic.  It appears fun...but ain't easy.

However, if you're stuck in a yoga/floor mat pilates rut  but you need the mediation and the movement flow but you're ready to fly up to the next level.  Then, aerial yoga at Air Fit is for you.

If you can get over your fear of heights and discover your center of gravity, then you'll be like Cirque du Soliel of Fitness, swinging through the air like a kid you used to be.

This "Cirque du Soliel" of yoga is nothing to be scoff at.  The instructors are super-friendly and empathetic because they were once like you.  However, you still have to respect the inner-ear balance and locating that gravity center as you spin into yoga poses 360 degrees mid-air.  This is what makes aerial fitness so carefree, flight.

For those discovered a new level of yoga in aerial yoga.  Well, good for you.  You discovered a new talent to be an aerialist acrobatic.  Mere landlubbers admire your courage to sail through the air with grace.

Aerial Fitness will have you flying into tree pose mid-air at 8474 West 3rd St., West Hollywood, CA

Speaking of landlubbers.  Have you always dreamt of surfing, stuck in the MidWest or can't swim yet yearning for that long, lean but muscular surfer body or just plain having fun slicing through the waves?

Sandbox Fitness isn't sure about slicing through 30-ft. waves off Hawaii, but they can give you that toned surfer body without you drowning.

A fitness studio filled with soft sandbox to absorb falls and trips, Sandbox Fitness has real surfboards with three fitness balls underneath to mimic wobbliness of bobbing water rolls and waves.

Shaking while sucking in the abdominals is all the rage in Los Angeles.  It's called "Core Strength."  The shock of instability shocks your body out of its center-of-gravity rut by removing it underneath your feet then forcing you to rely on your abs to give you that center of gravity.  Your limbs are doing all the work.

That's how those surfers got those ripped abs.

But, don't sloppy and don't disrespect the board.

As Sandbox Fitness instructors say, you own the board or the board owns you.

Once said, let's go rip.

At Sandbox Fitness, they do variations on the surf board.

Once wobbly, beginners gravitate to simple squat and yoga balances on the surfboard.  Squeezing that ab keeps you from falling down.  Simple as that.  Sandbox Fitness calls this, Surfset 101 and Surfset Balance, focusing on the basics of balance, core strength, and form. Working extra on your stability works up a sweat while improving your sense of balance.
challenges your balance and stabilizer muscles to create a lean and strong physique. - See more at:
SURFSET ® 101 - Intro to SURFSET ®

Once mastered, once plateau, they graduate to THX cables on the boards.  Again, you can't use gravity as crutch to cheat.  Wobbly exercises forces you to target the right muscles.

Sandbox Fitness is for all ages, from over-active tweens to aging Baby Boomers trying to hold onto their groove, aging gracefully.

Sure, Equinox is conquering Los Angeles like no other, catering to the more grown-up but no less fashionable segment of Los Angelenos, who grown out of Crunch's adolescent voyeurism.

For the truly weary seeking a recharge, trying to be healthy during an holiday, there is no better sanctuary than Equinox's biggest and most luxurious outpost, West Los Angeles Equinox.  What used to be Sports Club L.A.'s largest fitness club is now NY-headquartered Equinox's jewel in the crown.  Enough to give "The Donald" envy cramps.

Because privacy is a luxury in celeb-crazed LA, this scribe is only allowed to experience the wealth of fitness and the luxury of services and cuisine at West Los Angeles Equinox.

Equinox's largest outpost is a city unto itself, an Emerald City shielded from the public.

Once this city of a gym, it still retain what was and is great about Sports Club LA.  

Believe it or not, Equinox West Los Angeles has two eateries, a cafeteria offering wholesome, organic, hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Hollywood Hunks busting their grooves to keep their grooves.  Across from the lobby is Oliver Lounge and Restaurant, a proper restaurant that kept it's Power Brokerage image and decor and it's filling yet light gourmet lunch and dinner.  This is where Hollywood Hunks' talent agents and managers break deals with producers to get these Hunks jobs.

Outlining the expansive lobby is an Equinox clothing boutique with sporty contempo that doubles as streetwear, athleisure; an hair salon, and full-service spa rings the lobby.

Yes, it has all the Equinox amenities of gym and work-out studios and a pilates studio.  But, 
this is the only location with a full-sized Olympic pool that for swimming lessons and classic and aqua fitness.  The pool deck is a secluded area where Baby Boomer clients cuddle up like sun-bathing babies, overlooking the traffic craziness.

This scribe has never really worked out at other smaller Equinoxes but this scribe was really impressed by the jacuzzis in the locker room and of course, the hearty, organic cafeteria and the spa chic cuisine at Oliver, that isn't Eighties stale.

If you want to get an hell away over this Memorial Day Weekend yet you really need to shape up for Summer, can't think of a more better location than Equinox West Los Angeles.

Think of the Equinox West Los Angeles as a sanctuary against the immature, anorexic, under-educated popularity contest.  It's an oasis of adult fitness with adult food, cushioned with mature pampering to soothe your weary soul.  The all-day pass is reasonable and far cheaper than any music festival and way more civilized.






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