Friday, May 27, 2016

Planning a Last Minute Get Away? Our Plan App.

By Laura Medina

Okay, work done and project finished or at least, tied up.

It's Memorial Day.  It's Summer.  Now, you finally got around to that trip you always been pondering about for a good three months..,but who do you really want to be with on this trip?

Meet-Up is for flakes who flake out on you.

Sure, we all love the "easy" convenience of Tinder swiping but the choices are terrible and adolescent.  A self-respecting adult will and are swiping left constantly because they can't find like-minded mature adults  for an impromptu yet proper date, much less a gate-way..;and texting isn't enough.

After hearing so many horror stories from mature adults who want a decent date or outing and are sick and tired of being stood up, Stav Vaisman made "Our Plan" app.

Inspired and troubled by a friend's lack of finding a decent dinner companion for an impromptu dinner, Stav developed "Our Plan,"  an activities app for grown-ups.

Social apps have grown leap and beyond Tinder's immature, STD-ridden, hook-up culture.

Yes, mature...and busy adults are okay with swiping but there's gotta be a better choice than lazy, horny teenagers.

"Our Plan" app is a decent, elegant and elegantly easy social app that any age group can use for decent activities, whether it be serious college students wanting a last-minute study group; an established lady or gentleman who needs a decent dinner date who is not an escort;  or there are people you genuinely want to carpool with on a get-away trip.

Sure, "Our Plan" may have a slight snobbish slant but remember, "Our Plan" app is about whom and the group you truly want to be, based on share interests and mutual agreements without anything shady or sleazy, that fits our busy, active society that we all live in, now.


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