Monday, March 7, 2016

Jennifer Garner Speaking at Organization of Women Leaders, OWL, The Girl Next Door Has Grown Up.

By Laura Medina

Jennifer Garner had come a long way from her Charleston, West Virginia roots.  Her speaking about her preferred charity, Save the Children, an early education program for children in rural America at Santa Monica's Organization of Women Leaders, just in time for the release of her latest movie, "Miracle From Heaven."

They honored her contributions to Santa Monica, alongside OWL's awards winner, Bettina Duval of The CaliforniaLIST, a political action committee dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to public office throughout the state.


After being touched by Bettina's single-mother childhood, Jennifer got on stage to talk about her childhood in West Virginia, a strong sense of community held sway.

She shared bon mots of wisdom from her sage, country mom which reflects on her current state that most folks are interested right now.

"Don't marry a man, thinking you can change him," that pretty much answers your question about "Ben & Jen."

"Happiness is your own responsibility."

Spinning a story of her mom's frugal childhood defined by Jennifer's  grandma's Depression -Era thriftiness, Jennifer's sense of service came from that.

"Save the Children" tackling rural poverty means a lot to her.

Here's Miranda Spigener- Sapon, OWL's publicist, hovering above OWL's Awards Winner, Bettina Duval.

A strong lead-in to March, International Women's History Month.

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