Thursday, March 3, 2016

Forevermark Diamonds on Young Hollywood at The Oscars, Diamonds Are Forever.

By Laura Medina

After being grungy for the rest of the year, once nominated, Young Hollywood needs to clean up then dress up, this is when De Beer's young division, Forevermark Diamonds arrives during Oscar time.

Forevermark Diamonds is a brand, not a store chain.  It can take the biggest bauble of a diamond to the tiniest specks of diamonds then turned into traditional gems fit for a queen or transformed into delicate chains and strands of glittering diamonds, favored by contemporary young women who want subtle, causal, dainty diamonds for daily wear.

Forty craftsmen around the world design these diamond dots into fashion-forward rope chain necklaces and wrap-around neck collars.

The finest diamonds don't have to be crystal-clear white.  The best diamonds come in a rainbow of colors.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot actress, Margot Robbie, looked beautiful in a dazzling gold dress, accented by Forevermark by Rahaminov Diamond Hoop Earrings set in 18k White Gold, with a Forevermark Diamond Eternity Band set in 18k Yellow Gold and a Forevermark by Premier Gem Fancy Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Ring set in 18k White Gold.

Academy Awards Presenter and X-Men: Apocalypse Actress Olivia Munn sparkled in a flame orange gown, worn with a custom-made statement cuff by Jade Trau for Forevermark, featuring a 12.06 carat Forevermark Exceptional Diamond set in 18k White Gold, and simple Forevermark Stud Earrings with Round Brilliant Diamonds set in 18k White Gold.

 E! Red Carpet Host Giuliana Rancic looked stunning in a sweeping white gown with Forevermark Oversized Diamond Earrings set in 18k White and Rose Gold and a Forevermark by Natalie K Diamond Eternity Band set in 18k Rose Gold and a Forevermark Open Diamond Flower Bracelet set in 18k White Gold.

For every acre of diamonds mined, Forevermark sets aside five acres to preserve.  They also support healthcare and education for women in the countries that they mine, paying it forward.

Concerning diamond theft, don't get clever or cute.  Each Forevermark diamond has a laser-engraved serial number to track it down from rock to jewelry.

With the preference for delicate diamonds in intricate filagree and lacey patterns and bands, Forevermark Diamonds prove you don't have to be bold and brash to be bling.

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