Friday, March 18, 2016

A & M Home Styling and Doheny Mansion Open House, leading the Home Decor Trend.

By Laura Medina

Trend Setters, AandM Home Styling & Doheny Mansion Open House.

Left, Michelle Gordon and right, 
Alla Bystrisky 
A & M Home Styling
Buddies and home interior styling and design duo, Alla Bystrisky and Michelle Gordon of A & M Home Styling, with the Doheny Mansion Open House happening coincidingly, offer tips in how to stay timeless as you flow with the time...within budget.

This couldn't had happened at a better time...Spring Cleaning or Home Detox...or Spring Awakening...or Spring Revamp.  Either way, once you clean out Winter's debris, you'll have room and space to spruce up your home. 

Michelle and Alla know buying real furniture is a big investment and real furniture is built to last yet you want your home to progress alongside you as you progress through life and era.  How to prevent from going stale and dated?

They suggest don't go all out trendy.  You can still invest in furniture that you love and personify you; but you can switch up and update through accessories and accents, such as throw pillows, some side tables, and decorations like vases, knick-knacks, dining ware, and back-splashes.  Those are fun, cheap, and easy to switch and replace; and also easy to give as gifts or do a yard sales when you're ready to revamp and re-boot.

Here are A & M Home Styling updates:


This next photo demonstrates that you can keep the furniture you love but update it by installing fresh red lamp shades for that "splash of contemporary."

Notice that A & M Home Styling adds dashes of red to a traditional cream and pale blue Hollywood Regency look.

Here's how Doheny Mansion Open House does it...

This is the "Dark Shadow" room in the Doheny Mansion Open House, taking a traditionally dark and dank Tudor living room then brightening with Mod Hollywood Regency furniture in teal and cream.

The Doheny Open House interior designers make it "fun and funky" with this honey-comb side table.

Another way to update a house and a room is through fragrances or aroma therapy.

Voyage et Cie, an LA-based boutique perfumery, teamed up with Doheny House's Interior Design Open House to use fragrances to bring the mansion's history to life.

They curated a signature Voyage et Cie scent to compliment their intricate re-designed space within the 55-room mansion sitting pretty in Beverly Hills. 

Some designers chose a fragrance that echoed their space - florally with a hint of citrus to compliment a feminine dressing room - others, wanted to balance a room's whimsy with a strong, woody scent to pay homage to how Mr. Doheny may have lived in the 1920's. 

Look on the bright side, these home and bedroom fragrances can double as perfume and cologne for the young ladies and gentlemen.

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