Monday, April 13, 2015

Pandora's Pool Party with QuestLove during Coachella.

                                                                    By Laura Medina

Remember Coachella is all about the music, the artists, the DJs, the performers, their talent agents and managers, and publicists, who flew from all corners of the world to perform, in the middle of night in a remote desert without noise limits.

To make it easier on them, a plethora of pool parties pop up, blooming like Spring desert flowers, to give them tender, loving care.

Pandora was no exception.

At Cree Estates, one of Palm Desert's earliest resort, Pandora threw a pool party with DJ QuestLove DJing.

Okay, it's Spring Break for the music industry and they do it better and chicer than any frat boy on a normal Spring Break.

Bartenders slushed snow cones for the grateful guests sunning and splashing underneath the desert sun.

At the Pandora Party, hair stylists braided to ventilate guests' neck nape and backs.  People got exercising doing real-life Wizard Chess then jumped into the pool.

This is one of hundred reasons that makes Coachella exceptional and above all the other festivals.  With 4-star shuttle vans and buses, pampering hotel packages, and industry parties, Coachella isn't your average concert.

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