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Kit and Ace, Better Athleisure for Easier Coachella/Music Festival Gear.

By Laura Medina

Ed Westwick at Kit And Ace's Coachella Garden Party.
April 18, 2015 - Kit and Ace celebrates the launch of its Spring/Summer 2015 collection with Ed Westwick and Rocky Barnes on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at the Parker Palm Springs.

Guest celebrated with specialty cocktails and hors d'oeuvres with music by the gorgeous, DJ Alex Merrell. A major activation during the event included an interactive goat pen to commemorate the origin of cashmere to educate fashionistas and stylistas.

Kit and Ace came about when husband and wife team, Shannon and JJ Wilson were busy traveling, working, and living in her father-in-law's Lululemon's activewear that they like the performance of activewear fabric but wish it was more stylish and the fabric was more luxurious.  They weren't the only ones who felt this way. Niche.

This is how Kit and Ace came about...and can't think of anywhere better to debut their new Spring Collection than Coachella where people need stylish, cool clothes that last beyond one the desert.


Considering people love the well-worn softness of cotton but not wearing-out; and people love the softness of cashmere but not the thick woolness in the heat, they came up with a new type of cashmere, Technical Cashmere.

They developed Technical Cashmere™ because natural cashmere is delicate and easily damaged. It balls and pills and stretches out of shape at the elbows and knees. Technical Cashmere™ is machine washable–no more trips to the dry cleaners. And it has size integrity so it doesn’t shrink. You don't have to guess how it is going to look later.

They reworked the basics of tees, tanks, and shirts, not just tweaking the details but more importantly, the fabrics that people can live in.

Technical Cashmere™ keeps its shape. Enhanced with technical fibers, it's stretchable, always bouncing back to fit you perfectly and never bagging at the elbows or knees.

As for tailoring, they came up with Fluid Motion Styling.  It's easy to design things that look good for when you're standing still in front of the mirror. But the true test of a design is whether it still looks good when you're walking, twisting, reaching and living your life.

Fluid Motion Styling is part of everything we make at Kit and Ace. Our shirts and pants move the way you do, so they look even better when you're in motion.  No binding. No tugging at you. No limits to your range of motion.  Unrestrained freedom means you look elegant, you feel fabulous.

The finest Italian tailors know how to accentuate your positives and minimize your negatives so that people see only what you want them to notice. It's a fashion designer's sleight-of-hand. "Now you see it. Now you don't."  They went to Italy specifically to learn this magic from the masters.

Kit and Ace do Smooth Seams, not open seams.  Open seams are when taking off the shirt you are wearing. Turn it inside out. See those ridges attaching the sleeves? See those ridges extending down from the armpits, attaching the front to the back? Those are called open seams.  Open seams are the fast and easy way to make a shirt. They do not do fast and easy. We do smooth seams and they are an entirely different story.

Size integrity means no shrinking. You never have to guess how your clothes are going to look after they are washed. Size integrity means our shirts and pants keep their shape. They will never look stretched and worn, even after a long hard day. And neither will you.
No matter what you do, our stuff bounces back to fit you perfectly, never bagging or sagging or looking old.  Not even for an instant.

Vanishing Neck Tags, It's just a little thing at the back of your neck. Can you imagine a more irritating place to put a tag than at the back of your neck?

Neck tags exist only to let you know the size of the shirt and to give you care instructions, but they have more confidence in you. Their neck tags are designed for easy removal because they don't think you are suddenly going to forget your size. As for care instructions? Their Technical Cashmere™ t-shirts are machine washable–that is all you need to remember. 

Canadian based luxury retailer Kit and Ace will be opening ten shops between now and October 15,2015 in addition to the seven they currently have in operation.  The new locations have all been confirmed and launch dates set for St. Louis, Minneapolis, Denver,
Cincinnati, San Francisco, Vancouver, Columbus, Toronto, San Jose, and Washington.

The company, founded by Shannon and JJ Wilson, designs and develops contemporary luxury apparel made from proprietary fabrics called Qemir™.  These upcoming shop
openings are in line with the rapid expansion of the company, which launched its first
location in Vancouver, Canada nine months ago, and has already opened several shops
throughout North America, including New York and San Francisco.

 “We are excited to bring into these new markets a beautiful retail space in which customers
can access our clothing, but also come away with a deeper sense of our brand.  What we
offer is far more than apparel – it’s an evolved retail experience,” says JJ Wilson.

Each Kit and Ace shop incorporates considerate design, and hyper-­‐local elements inspired
by each location.  The new locations will give locals a chance to experience innovative,
technical clothing in a rather atypical retail space.

“While we want locals to feel excited about the clothing that anchors our shops -­‐ ultimately
we want them to walk away inspired by the time they spent with us,” Shannon Wilson

Kit and Ace is projecting to open fifty shops worldwide by the end of 2015.


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