Friday, April 3, 2015

Coachella Makeup by Lulu DK for Clinique Spring 2015 Edition, only at Macy's.

By Laura Medina

Lifestyle Designer, Lulu DK & Clinique staff showing her some love & respect at Macy's.

It was serendipity that Clinique launched their limited edition Spring 2015 gift bag, coinciding with the first weekend of Coachella arriving within a week.  People can hear Coachella rumbling in the background.

It was also happenstance that Clinique selected a designer who embodies Coachella's haute couture Bohemian Chic in vibrant Spring tones, Lulu DK.

What makes her so appropriate for Bohemian-Chic Coachella is her temporary gold flash tattoos that recently launched during this year's Grammy week.  Instead of buying then losing jewelry, these "jewelry" stick onto the skin then gracefully faded away after four to five days.  No lost, no harm done.  Plus, they're pretty affordable too...and wanted by hipster moms everywhere.

This Gen-X scribe never thought she'll never see a Clinique counter person wear a tattoo, much less a flash gold tattoo but they did, in honor of Lulu DK.  Plus, they said it's fun.

Let's get back to why Lulu DK has her finger on the pulse and why her curated Clinique Gift Bags are so Coachella-worthy.

Other than they're tote-able, the few makeup items sure pack a color punch of fruit-juicy magenta that she calls "the Pink Bag" while the Brown Bag is "the natural one."  The "Pink Bag" is on point for this current Spring for bring pink, magneta, and powerful lilac, all in the same jewel tones of just blooming flowers.

The Brown Bag reminds this scribe you better look sultry yet natural party-ing in the desert at Coachella.

The Gift Bag itself is travel-worthy too.  In limited-edition marigold, designed by Lulu herself, the canvas pouch was influenced by her Bahamian childhood.  The rich jewel tones of the Pink Bag reminds her of the rich florals of her childhood and arriving Spring.  For the Brown Bag, Lulu didn't mention "natural."  She calls it "seductive and sultry," not obvious.

Each gift bag, whether it be the Brown or the Pink, has a mini compact holding 3 eyeshadows, a double-ended lipstick and lipgloss, a tube of mascara,  a mini jar of Clinique Moisture Surge for those "crow's feet" you earned while partying in the sun, and a tube of classic Clinique Moisturizing Lotion when you need basic refresh from frying at Coachella.

The canvas pouch also has pencil case to add in more travel-worthy makeup.

They launch Lulu DK's Clinique Gift Bags yesterday and the promotion will end next Wednesday on April 15th.

The only way you can get them is when you pay $27 and above for Clinique items, only at Macy's then they give either the Pink or the Brown of your choice as an extra bonus.

Get them while they're hot!

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