Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coachella on the Brain, Kinda, Sorta, Mikky Ekko concert by Pandora.

By Laura Medina

Obviously, Coachella is all about the music and thank god, it's not generational/niche-restricted.  This first weekend, you have a musical medley of AC/DC to Steely Dan to Coachella perennials, Fritz and the Tantrums.

It's all about music for this later half of April, there will be tons of super-exclusive musical sets and under-the-radar concerts and parties that most would give their right arm for, such as Pandora with DJ Questlove, just outside of Indio, just off-site from Coachella.  This undercover music party is one of many, remember this is first weekend of Coachella.

Since half of Los Angeles and one-fifth of the world has Coachella on the brain, let's celebrate by celebrating the up-&-coming Millennials, trailing behind the newly established Gen-Xers who started the festival in the first place.

At the always friendly Sonos Studio, a music art gallery-slash-recording studio-concert venue, Pandora threw a special set from Millennial pop/rock/a capella singer/composer, the rising Mikky Ekko.

This scribe knew this young man was someone to watch when the State of Louisiana called him, "one of our proud sons" at their annual Grammy Brunch (a yummy affair never to be missed) and Ekko is a mere 30-years old.

As a traveling preacher son who settled in Nashville, Mikky has depth and soul that push "Emo" category out of its whiny teen-angst into a more mature depth of emotions of longing and connections.

He broke out with Rihanna's seventh studio album, Unapologetic, on the track "Stay."  His "Smile" became an anthem for those who are depressed or hit rock bottom.

Mikky Ekko reflects the maturation of the Millennial Generation approaching adulthood.


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