Monday, April 13, 2015

Coachella for All, Ron Robinson's ALL FASHON ARTS FESTIVAL, April 14 to 16th at Both Melrose & Santa Monica.

Mind you, not everyone can go to nor afford to celebrate at Coachella.

Still, people at Ron Robinson are nice to bring a little bit of Coachella for the home-bound and broke.

Starting tomorrow, running through Thursday, for 3 days straight, Ron Robinson at both the Melrose and Santa Monica locations will throw their version of Coachella, "All Fashion Arts Festival."

With 3 days of fashion, beauty, fun, and music without the headaches of wristbands, badges, and guest lists, Ron Robinson's ALL FASHION ARTS FESTIVAL is a bounty there for the taking!

It's a win-win.  For those lucky and tough enough for Coachella Round-Two, you can stock up while party-ing.  For those too tired, too busy, or broke, here's your chance to join the fun.

Nobody misses out.  It's for everyone!

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