Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Guess' High-End Line, Marciano Spring 2015 Collection.

By Laura Medina

Too bad the Northeast can't partake in these yummy, refreshing Spring 2015 Fashion by Guess' Upscale Line for the cultured masses, Marciano but high-powered cougars in Hollywood can.

This the hot-and-straight-from-the-runways Seventies' indolently decadent lounge fashion where relaxing tailoring met lush and refined fabrics, such as this zebra-print maxi dress.

Don't worry you conservative classic fashionistas, here's the Little Black Dress in lace, very Dolce & Gabbana-sque.  The excuse, "Closet Classic."  So classic, that this LBD will be passed to future generations as "vintage" which will be further knocked-off for their generations.

Since Spring will morph into sweaty Summer anyway and if you have a tight torso, you can smash the White Parties in this white eyelet wrap-around crop top and matching circle skirt; or you can crash the garden party by continuing the Seventies' lush louche look in a maxi dress in jungle green to coordinate with the foliage.

This trend has been around for a good three to two years; and it's still hanging around.  So, go ahead and buy the "necklace incorporated" camisoles, a two-for-one deal.  This trend has hang around long enough to be coined "chain tops."

The hottest trend is the open-toe boot and booties, so appropriate for airing out your feet during Spring and Summer.  For eveningwear, you can go all gold in matching clutch and strappy high-heel sandals that can glamorize any outfit, switch out your Winter boots with these gold members.  A touch of "Disco Glamour" can refresh the reliable tee and jeans combo.  For men, which you should know by now, swapping around accessories can refresh clothes every season with minimal effort and cost.  If costly, then they're investment pieces.

Love that Guess' Marciano is providing fashion-forward clothes for the masses and high-powered women who earned the perks to glam up.  The poor assistant just have to wait.

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