Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Preppy Shortbread Cookies with a Twist, "Whale of A Cookie Collection" by Honolulu Cookie Company.

By Laura Medina

The symbol of the pineapple signals hospitality from Hawaii then all the way to Charleston, South Carolina.

If you happen to be walking along Waterfront Park in Downtown Charleston, you'll smile when you encounter the Pineapple Water Fountain.

When Charleston was a colonial outpost of the British and the residents were first-generation Caribbean planters, ships trading in the Caribbean would often return with a cargo of pineapples. The ships’ captains were known to place a pineapple on their front porch to show they were at home and welcoming visitors. Well-to-do Colonial hostesses would use a fresh pineapple as a table centerpiece when hosting a dinner party; then serve the fruit as dessert. Those with lesser means sometimes rented a pineapple from the grocer to decorate their table, returning it the next day to be sold to someone more affluent.

The popularity of the pineapple flourish in the tropical climate and terroir.  

Both Charleston and Hawaii carve the pineapple motif into their bedposts and furniture.

Since the two locations are big on hospitality and Charleston has, since, morphed into a preppy town with a fashion flair...what to do new for Christmas?

The pineapple motif has moved onto shortbread cookies, thanks to the Honolulu Cookie Company.

Since the kind folks at Honolulu Cookie Company are there to ease the stress, instead of placing a fresh pineapple on your doorsteps, why display mouth-watering Honolulu Cookies on a big, wide cookie platter?

Thanks to shipping, trading, and the Navy, Honolulu Cookie Company is a yummy melange of traditional British shortbread cookies acting as a butter blanket background for candied bits of fruit, nuts, and melt-in-your-mouth dark, milk, and white chocolate coating.

Since their Holiday Collection is selling like hot cakes right now, they have plenty of cute and chic cookie collections that are nestled in cool keepsake boxes, that might be saved  for trinkets, collecting, or storing business cards.


Seeing that Charleston is a preppy town with pineapple roots, Honolulu Cookie Company's Whale Collection seems fitting for the past and the current.

Whale Tail-shaped shortbread cookies, in traditional butter shortbread and mixed in with bits of candied  pineapple, coconut shreds, and  Macadamia nuts or flavored in Kona Coffee, then dipped in milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate that melt in your mouth.  The butter base acts a great flavor carrier.

This Whale Collection will either warm your heart or make you greedy enough to order three, one for friends, one for family, and the third and last for yourself.


If you're lucky enough like this scribe to spend half the Christmas Vacation in Las Vegas, you can still get the same flavors and textures, except in casino-inspired diamonds, hearts, and Ace of Spades in Honolulu Cookie Company's Las Vegas Collection.


If you're going "Conservative Chic" to impress your girlfriends, go for the Aloha Collection in a filigree keepsake box.  The intricate filigree lid keeps you guessing what goodies are inside.  Don't worry, the same trademark flavored shortbread cookies, except stamped out in pineapple shapes.

Just they're based in Hawaii, it doesn't mean they're out of step with the rest of the world.



If you get hooked on Honolulu Cookies, they have year-around unique textures and flavors:

A pineapple twist on the boring, olde shortbread cookie, the neighborhood envy.

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