Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Give Something Fashionably Functional for Christmas, the new ATS-V Cadillac & Barbour for Your Range Rover.

By Laura Medina

Yearning for that upscale "Country Chic" where one returns to the family country estate, whether it be the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina or the family estate in the British countryside so you can be really ecological and hunt your main meal (regardless if it's wild turkey, duck, or venison) then use up all the rest for leather, gourmet duck fat, or decorative antlers for the fireplace.  Nothing goes to waste there.

"Going or Returning to the Country" doesn't mean tramping it up in a beat-up truck in the rain (typical Lowcountry Winter).

You can be elegant about your holiday "Town & Country" pursuits in Barbour for Land Rover Collection.  This is true lifestyle collaboration and branding where the clothes really do match the vehicle for a certain lifestyle in a certain climate or weather for certain activities.

You can tell this is what this "Town & Country" scribe will be wearing and doing during an inclement Lowcountry Christmas.

This scribe loves that the multi-purpose Barbour jackets and overcoats, with the matching Land Rovers, are rugged enough yet stylish enough, to trudge through the mud, from field to parking lot, all in one day of the holiday season.

This is the holiday season for wise investments.  They may not look like it; but they are.

Cadillac ATS-V Coupe & Sedan, http://www.cadillac.com/v-series.html

Okay, you bought the wardrobe.  You bought your first house.  Now, it is time to buy your first, real car; or it is the time to lease a new car.

This is what today's women are doing.  In fact, women are the fastest growing segment of car buyers.  After completing your shoe collection, they naturally move onto buying a new car for themselves as an holiday gift or a birthday gift.

Barbour for Land Rover and Cadillac are incorporating more styling and fashion-forward designs into their cars.  Even art school instructors are suggestively nudging their female students into car design.

However, what matters the most is the inside...

At the heart of ATS-V is a 3.6L Twin Turbo engine with titanium Alluminide turbines, patented low charge air cooler and titanium connecting rods for superior response and performance.

 450+ HP
 440+ lb.-ft.TORQUE
 0–60 MPH <4 SECONDS

For those who want control firmly planted in the palm of their hand, the 6-speed manual transmission comes equipped with Active Rev Matching, Performance Traction Management and No-Lift Shift. Or select the 8-speed automatic transmission that provides incredibly fast shift times and a shorter first gear ratio to improve off-the-line acceleration.

Constructed from lightweight carbon fiber, the front splitter, hood vent and rear diffuser help reduce mass and increase aerodynamics for a dominating presence and enhanced downforce that makes the ATS-V a tough act to follow and even harder to catch.

Beneath the lightweight V-forged wheels lie massive race-inspired six-piston front, four-piston rear fixed caliper Brembo® brakes with vented rotors for absolute stopping power.

Specifically designed for the V-Series, Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport summer only tires with a progressive contact patch have a custom mold shape for maximum grip and stopping power.

A sculpted body with sleek lines that gets your pulse racing. Extra-wide front and rear fenders for a striking stature. 18-inch wheels that stand out from the crowd. Raw beauty. Pure power.

Every available element of the all-encompassing interior was refined with the driver in mind. RECARO® seats with sueded microfiber accents, Magnesium Paddle-Shift controls and full color Head-Up Display. Integrated so well the only thing that you feel is the power going to your head.

Yep, just like that car commercial, sometimes a car with a big bow on it, is the smartest gift of them all.


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