Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Drop by for a Visit, at a DSTLD Designer Denim Atelier, for the Holidays, only at $65

By Laura Medina

If and when you're suffering from "Christmas Overload" and your nerves are short-circuiting, come to West Hollywood for an antidote, a really hip, chic, and affordable holiday antidote, that's actually a wise investment.

Premium designer denim online company, DSTLD Jeans,, has open their doors, in West Hollywood, only for the holidays which started October 6th thorough the holidays right now.

Visit their pop-up shop,, at their atelier at 8899 Beverly Blvd. and expect to get some personalize service with measuring and picking from 22 various styles, in between sipping refreshments, while discussing perfect fit with DSTLD staffers.

The denim studio is open from Monday to Friday at 11am to 6pm, call for appointments on Saturdays, from 12pm to 4pm, to let them know you're arriving.

For only $65 a pair, you can soak in the industrial chic of the atelier studio, as the staff either locate your ideal pair of jeans or tailor you one.  If you're short on time, they can mail it home, after the tailoring.

Once you're done being treated like a rock star for $65, you'll have enough dough left for a light dinner next door at Madeo Restaurant, where the celebrities eat.

How's that for a Hollywood Christmas?  You'll walk out with a gift that you'll lovingly wear for years.

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