Monday, December 22, 2014

Little & Big Toys, at Radio Shack, for Big Kids...and Little Kid if you allow them.

By Laura Medina

While cashing all your credit and debit cards for the little kids in your family, don't you dream you can return to being "a little kid" yourself and tinker with something cool for both grown-up kids and little kids?

Believe it or not, Radio Shack has re-position itself from pure electronics gizmos to some really cool fun...and functional stuff.

Don't you wish you just need a really good zoom lens for your smartphone?

Have no fear! Kodak is alive and well, having re-invent itself as smartphone camera/video accessories with the attachable Kodak PIXPRO SL10 16MP Smart Lens Camera (Black),

By a simple clip, it...

  • Connects to your iOS or Android device via Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • 16-megapixel BSi 1/2.3" CMOS sensor captures your world in crisp, lifelike detail, even in low light
  • 10x optical zoom allows you to shoot from greater distances without sacrificing detail
  • 28mm wide-angle lens lets you fit more into every shot
  • Flip-out grip clips the Smart Lens to your smartphone for easy use
  • Free app lets you control all functions with your smartphone
  • Savor your life's memories with 1080p HD video
  • Optical Image Stabilization keeps shaky hands from ruining the shot
  • Continuous Shot Burst Mode captures up to 6 frames-per-second, so you never miss a frame
  • Save photos and video on a microSD card or transfer them to your mobile device for instant sharing

  • Simply put,  Kodak PIXPRO SL10 16MP Smart Lens Camera turns your smartphone or your tablet into an high-end SLR professional camera.

    Wish you revert back to being a kid again and have the dexterity and the burning curiosity of just tinkering and watch stuff happen?

    LittleBits,, are cases of electronic bits that can hook up magnetically then do all sorts of cool stuff, once connected.

    This scribe's fave is the Synth Kit,, where from unassuming bits, you have fashioned yourself a mini keyboard that you can compose music and songs, in the palm of hands...Nope, it's not a smartphone but actual electronic components that act as keyboard keys, from easily hooked up and interchange through magnetic connectors.

    There are other LittleBits Kits: Base Kits, and the Smart Home Kit, for the Big Kid Do-It-Yourselfers where you build your own little devices to control your AC from anywhere, automate your curtains to open at sunrise, and make a remote controlled pet feeder.

    Big toys for big kids who are little kids at heart or little kids with big brains.

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