Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Light-Weight & Classic, Gerard Cosmetics

By Laura Medina

Love the multi-benefits of a BB Cream but can't stand the thickness of it?

Gerard Cosmetics built its foundation...pun intended...on a lightweight, breatheable BB Cream that can be worn during sweaty Summer.

It imparts a golden shimmer, giving a warm radiance during Winter and perfectly ideal for Summer.

Gerard Cosmetics returns a retro shade, that happens to be the Color of 2015, then made it a classic.

Not only a classic in color but a classic in texture and formula, Gerard Cosmetics' 1995 Lipstick is a throwback to the year when Grunge and deep neutrals were hot.  It also represents the Color of the upcoming, new year of 2015, Marsala.  A muted version of Chanel's Vamp yet edgier than Bobbi Brown's neutral, milky browns, think of 1995 as a grown-up state of the punky burgundy.

Since 1995 Lipstick gently hint the new "classic," replacing the standard red, it's also classic in texture and formula.  You can re-purpose it as a dab and blur cream blush, the way they used to do it when makeup was in its infancy.

The Nineties, with its subtle neutrals of gray, slate, black, and muted burgundy, Gerard Cosmetics' 1995 Lipstick is one of many version of 2015's Marsala and the new classic for the 2010s.

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