Monday, December 15, 2014

Naked Brit Men for Christmas...Well Into the New Year, Warwick Rowers Calendar

By Laura Medina

On the first rainy night in West Hollywood, one of the Warwick Rowers commented how a night like this, would be considered normal back home in England.

Then, this scribe joked how grateful Los Angeles is, for bringing the weather with them on their American tour, in this parched city.

The Warwick Rowers, from Warwick University, are on tour, promoting their Warwick Rowers Calendar.

Following in the footsteps of the current trend in England of posing nude in calendars to raise funds, the Warwick Rowers are no different.  They needed money to finance their sport and can't think of anything better.

Asked what their families thought of this, they said it was their moms who first bought the calendar.

Brits have a cheeky sense of humor about posing nude while fundraising.  These men aren't above making fun of themselves.
They just don't know how hot they are, until they hit the States.

It has been a media blitz since they set foot in Hollywood, even though one of them did get lost while they went jogging up in the Hills.

But, he has since found his footing for that night's event at the Sofitel Hotel's Riveria Restaurant.

If you want to keep them afloat, buy their Warwick Rowers Calendar for the New Year,

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