Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Like Having Starbucks/Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf inside your Kitchen Counter Top, Top Brewer Coffee Faucet.

By Laura Medina

Want more room on your kitchen counter?  Want it to look more "mean, lean, and sleek?"  Sick and tired of losing money at coffee barista franchises?

You can have it both ways with Top Brewer's Coffee Faucet.

Yep, you heard this scribe right...a faucet that brews and spews out any type of coffee, hot cocoa, warm milk, and juice, all conveniently spewing out of Top Brewer's Coffee Faucet.

When you download the Top Brewer app on your tablet, a menu pops up.  You can pick and choose a glass of warm or cold milk and/or a mug of hot chocolate, hot water, or cappuccino, latte, or espresso.

On your Top Brewer Smartphone app, you can pick whichever beverage you want then control the strength, the intensity, size, cup, and milk foam then watch the magic.

It's like having your own barista at home, in the kitchen, discreetly tucked away in the cabinet, spouting whatever brew you like, any day and night you want.

How does Top Brewer work?

You dump your bag of roasted whole coffee beans into a box bin underneath your counter, the coffee faucet.

From there, 1 second grind. 64 mm discs grind the coffee beans then brew the consistency, the texture, and milk foam or not, according to your request from the Top Brew app.

It's not just hot beverages.  Your kid can program Top Brewer Coffee Faucet, on their smartphone app, to shoot a fresh glass of cold water or refreshing juice on a sunny, sweaty day after school.

Imagine having the tweens, your teens, and college-aged kids and your spouse...and your grandma/pa...or uncle or aunt...or next-door neighbor helping themselves with ease and saving money and counter space.

Your pad will be the most popular in the 'hood and your kid's high school and among local college students and professors.  You will always have friends.

If you're wondering what's next for this holiday that will be useful well beyond into the next year, give your sweetie or yourself a Top Brewer Coffee Faucet.  You'll be thankful when you do.  As after a long, hard day working then a long night shopping and wrapping, Top Brewer Coffee Faucet gives the break you desire anytime you want.  More useful than a diamond ring and heck a lot more rewarding than a boring tie, Top Brewer Coffee Faucet is an item any relationship can savor, sip, and share...share if you want. 

Shoot, you can offer Santa a mug of warm cappuccino after a long sleigh ride.  He'll be grateful.

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