Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer is for Shopping!

By Laura Medina at Glendale Galleria.

As long as there are tourists, there are souvenirs, and that means shopping.

Since the majority of fitness studios are saying the majority of their clients are away right now, on vacation, after July the 4th, the mall business in Southern California is booming with shopping tourists, local, regional, national,..and international.

With the recent revamp of Glendale Galleria, one of Los Angeles' largest mall, the new northern end, anchored  by the new upscale, fashion-forward Bloomingdale's, collects the brightest of LA trends underneath one wing.

Right before you hit Bloomingdale's, you'll swing by the three-part Martier Cafe, Boutique, and Salon.  It's one of those "why didn't they thought of this sooner" concept.

All under one umbrella of Martier, you have a fashionable European cafe, a luxurious salon and spa, then a boutique to buy a new outfit.  Glendale Galleria is the only one in the West Coast.

It's Summer Vacation for everyone, all over the world which international tourists are treating Southern Californian malls as a shopping mecca.

With all the other currencies over-powering the Dollar nowadays and the abundance of brand name products that most yearn for, international shopping tourists account for the majority of mall businesses in Southern California, especially the "bang-for-your-buck" bargain outlet mall shopper, which happens to be shopping tourists.

According to the Director of International Sales and Marketing at Citadel Outlet Mall, international shopping tourists pump a lot of money at outlet malls.

Being the Director of International Sales and Marketing afforded her the rare opportunity to go inside the reality of various markets around the globe then finding out directly what each country is looking for. 

For instance, a pair of Levi Denim Shorts for $24 at Citadel Outlet Mall will sell for a whooping $150 in Australia.  A pair of Nine West shoes selling for a mere $50 at the outlet mall will fetch $150 in New Zealand.

After the Chinese, the Australians and their Kiwi counter-parts, the New Zealanders, are the number 2 outlet mall shoppers.

Since resources are tougher to find down under and held at a premium price when sold there, these international tourists figure the what they spend at the outlet mall pays for the once-a-year trip.  

When these international shopper shop, they shop big!

While the international shopper is hunting for bargains for we Americans call "basics," jeans and shoes.  We American tourists tend to be pulled for the more rarefied, upscale boutique neighborhoods and malls that Middle America lacks, such as Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive and the Bloomingdale's Wing of Glendale Galleria and Santa Monica Place Mall.

The national shopping tourist will enjoy the complete trifecta of Martier's Cafe, Salon/Spa, & Boutique in a friendly, air-conditioned, mall shielding them from the Summer Sun's harsh rays.

Whether you're the All-American shopping tourist who wants a taste of Europe or the international shopping tourist hunting for good quality American products at All-American prices, there's a mall for everyone.

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