Thursday, July 17, 2014

Frederick Fekkai Hair Fragrance, a Light Conditioner + Perfume for Hair with a Travel Kit to Hit the Road.

By Laura Medina

HAIR FRAGRANCE MIST MINI KIT,,default,pd.html?start=7&cgid=hair-fragrance

Post-4th of July and the heart of Summer, right before you dump the kids back in school, people, single, married, or family are in the mood for escape...and rightfully so.

This scribe is also in the same mood and currently hunting down, researching, and gathering the newest, the latest, and the freshest in last-minute jaunts regarding clothes, makeup, and fashion.

As mention before, Smashbox's answer to Radiant Orchid (Pantone's Color of the Year 2014 and an universal makeup hit), Smashbox Spring Edit for Eyes and Lips (Stash All in 1 Tote Bag, the Get-Away Kit for 1 Day, 1 Night Get-Away & Smashbox's "Radiant Orchid." is jeans pocket potent, an all-in-one makeup you can pop in pouch then make a dash for it.

As for perfume and a light facial spritz on a hot, sticky, sweaty, humid day...typical Summer...and night?

Frederick Fekkai thought of that too, why not a perfume for hair that also calms down the frazzled frizz and the sticky straw strays one experiences from Summer...or even in the depth of Winter?

He came up with his Hair Fragrance Collection in three distinct fragrances, classy enough to stand the test of time.  His HAIR FRAGRANCE MIST CITRON ET MENTHE is simply Lemon meets Mint, great for the sticky Summer.

HAIR FRAGRANCE MIST ROSE FRAÎCHE is a great to jump-start Spring after...

HAIR FRAGRANCE MIST CRÈME VANILLÉE is rich enough to keep you warm during Winter in a deep, caramel scent.

The best way to find out how each Hair Fragrance will match and react with your own individual body pheromones is to, first, buy the HAIR FRAGRANCE MIST MINI KIT.  The $15 kit holds three vials of all three hair fragrances, great for trial and traveling.

This is the best to see which fragrance you'll fall in love with or which one is appropriate for each climate or season.  At $15 and at a few ounces, they don't hurt your wallet, wouldn't get you in trouble with the TSA, and equally nifty at toss and in escapades.,default,sc.html

Once you fall in love with a particular scent or realize scent is like clothes and makeup, certain scents are better off being paired with seasons, you can up the ante by buying the full-sized bottles for everyday usage.

This scribe never leaves the house, right now in the middle of Summer, without spritzing HAIR FRAGRANCE MIST CITRON ET MENTHE (Lemon & Mint) for that friendly fruity but clean and minty smell.

Since there is a tiny bit of conditioner in each fragrance, remember Frederick developed this collection to both refresh and tame frizzes and static in fried and frazzled hair, a tiny spritz of conditioning perfume in the face and the decolletage never hurts anyone.

This glam-slammed scribe loves perfuming both the hair and body with Frederick Fekkai's Hair Fragrance Collection.

Once Summer is done and over with, as Fall/Winter approaches, this scribe will switch on over to the warm, sweet embrace of the caramelized HAIR FRAGRANCE MIST CRÈME VANILLÉE.



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