Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DSTLD Jean Shorts for the Ladies

By Laura Medina

This down-home Southern scribe understands the need for denim cut-off shorts a.k.a. "Daisy Dukes."

They're thrifty in salvaging a pair of ripped up jeans, giving them a second life as shorts.  They're ecologically-minded, not adding up to the landfill dump.  Again, they're economical since you're getting two item in one, from full-length jeans to shorts in a nanosecond.

However, there are times like right now, yachting, sailing, or just hanging poolside and beach-side, you desire a "decent" pair of jean shorts that are short enough to be cute enough with your polo shirt or striped Nautical sweater and short enough to gain a golden tan while covering a reasonable amount of your posterior.

Jeans shorts, yes.  Butt-cleavage baring "Daisy Dukes" best saved for Coachella and other bohemian muddy and dirty music festival...have to be shelved for the next round next time or next year.

Sometimes, you wish your jean shorts come in more refined fabric than your usually  heavy denim canvas for better breatheability.

Have no despair, DSTLD Jean Shorts has come at the right time during the Dog Days of Summer.

Since they're made fresh from scratch,  the edges and seams are refined for a cleaner, "preppier" appearance.  They're also constructed from lighter, more flexible Tencel and Modal for a lighter, softer feel, better for Summer.

Talk about flexibility!  DSTLD Mid-Rise Rolled-Up Shorts for long enough for those not yet comfortable with flashing their butt cheeks.  However, you roll it up short and high for a slight peek if you want to.  Either way, the leaner tailoring in dark but lightweight Dual-Flex Tencel® still makes this light and adjustable for Summer.  Rolled all the way down, it's still appropriate for that Back-to-School Week in the middle of August.

Remember, this is DSTLD Denim.  You can order three pairs of shorts or jeans, try and test them for 10 days.  Keep and pick the one(s) you like the best then ship the rest back to the company.  They will only charge you for the amount you keep.  Still, remember there is a 10 days trial period.  If you keep them any longer, they will charge you for the full amount of all three.

DSTLD Jean Shorts, sassy but classy.

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