Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Short, Sweet, & Soulful. The Future is Shining Bright for Girl Talk Clothing's & The Indigos' Amber Amanda.

By Laura Medina

Fashion Designer & Singer-Songwriter, Amber Amanda of Girl Talk Clothing & 1/2 of The Indigos.

In a mere seventeen years (this is considered a blink of an eye to this scribe), Amber Amanda accomplished so much that it would take an average adult, twice her age, double the years to achieve.


This triple threat of a dynamo, singer-songwriter/fashion designer/actress, Amber Amanda has irons burning in the fire..;and she's still this sweet, wholesome kid in Oklahoma who's crisscrossing that threshold from girl to young lady but also making that gradual transition from Oklahoma to Hollywood.

As a singer-songwriter, Amber said her musical influence would be as if Adele and Colbie Caillet had a baby.

Her musical taste and touring musician lifestyle demands do translate into her clothing line, Girl Talk Clothing, "classy, not trashy."

She describes her clothing line as "modern vintage" that would be at home in Los Angeles' funky, hipster, musical-bent neighborhoods of Los Feliz and Silverlake.

Growing up, people said Amber was an old soul in a child's body.  This deep insight remains with her to this day in both music and fashion.

The same time she was discovering her talent in acting and music, Amber discover her tailoring skills...

"Grandma sewing a blanket.  She taught me how to cut and sew clothes."  Amber used her dog as a dress form.

Plus, once she embarked on her musical career, Amber realized she needs performance clothes that she feels comfortable in, as in ease and class.  This is where Girl Talk Clothing came about.

This sweet, simple but sassy strapless satin dress would feel at home at Coachella and Bonnaroo.  A wrinkle-free but cooling black, blue, and yellow dress that you can easy scrunch up and toss in a bag then pull out as a cover-up or as a bohemian festival party dress.

What used to be hobbies, singing, acting, and fashion design are now coming to fruition so Amber is now at a crossroads that would make most people envious...or stressed out.

However, she's still calmly mapping out a guide of where she wants to take her talents.

Since her music career, as one-half of the duo, "The Indigos," is taking off at the same time as her fashion line, this scribe does reinforce her immediate idea of taking cosmetology classes to make it easier to groom and style on the road.

Once done, she feels like it's about time she move to Los Angeles to fully pursue her talents.

This wise scribe suggested she covers all her bases, take music business courses for her music career and fashion business to better manage her fashion line, once she gets to the City of Angels.

Most musicians don't dare touch fashion until they hit it "big."  By then, they hire an army of brand developers and designers to help them decide where to take their brands.

Amber Amanda just naturally beat them older folks at that fashion-meets-music game, by simply doing what she loves and making sure they are at their best in the way she wants it.

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