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Fitness for Foodies. "Belfies" & Pilates MegaReformers for a Summer Bikini Body then a Hot Body for the Holidays.

By Laura Medina

"Belfies," the new Selfies.

Whether it's America's changing demographics, Jennifer Lopez's curves and her bodacious butt, mainstream America is finally embracing a fitter, meatier physique, Americans are returning to their hunters & gathers' evolutionary idea of ancestral fecund, a fertile but more

athletic body built for survival of the fittest to reproduce the next generation.  People are proud of their "Belfies," selfies with the focus on a loud and proud buttock, one of the curves of fertility, a.k.a. sexuality.

After the Sixties' "Youth Quake" and the over-dose of Seventies' anorexic aerobic, coupled with Eigthties' eating disorders, we're a nation of, what Lindsay Vonn said, "skinny-fat," skinny lacking muscle tone to efficiently burn calories, brittle-boned fatties without tone but flab.  Those people don't age very graciously.

The "Belfie" Movement is the "back" lash against the bony-butt weaklings still roaming the streets of Hollywood as starving starlets and dying-to-please-and-dying-to-comform low-level entertainment assistants who deeply yearn for the camera's attention when, in fact, they're million miles behind the camera, long enough that they have no business in front of it.

The "Belfie" Movement is sexuality through fitness, "health as your wealth."  ESPN Magazine's "The Body Issue" is about highly-esteemed athletes, of both gender and of various physiques and age, who don't have personal body issues but they have issues about the difference between being "skinny fat" and being truly fit at one's optimal physical peakiness.

Sure, some people (especially in Hollywood) cheat by having butt implants either because they're pressed for time or they're just too lazy to burn and tone a very large muscles group called gluteus maximus.  People are just realizing a very large gluteus maximus isn't just fat and cellulite but a rack packed full of muscles that one attains from disciplines called track & field, gymnastics, body-building, and the martial arts.  These disciplines aren't for "twinkies" suffering from eating disorders, and real athletes are too in love with their sports to care.  Honestly, most physical trainers say, the bigger the muscles, the more they'll eat and burn calories for recovery and fuel after a very intense work-out.  Truly sexy, huh?

For the mere mortals who want a fecund, fitter physique but not professional athletes?  Don't worry, there are aplenty of exercises and fitness methods and work-outs that tackle and build a better, firmer butt.  Whether it's MegaReformer/Lagree Fitness™ Pilates to the ballet-inspired Barre Method, both share something in common...butt work-outs.  

Thanks to former Police Academy drill instructor, Corrections Officer, Bounty Hunter, and celebrity trainer to Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy, Gino Caccavale is Manhattan's "Belfie Whisper;" and here are his tips...

Gino's 5 Best Belfies Exercise Moves...

Start by standing on your right leg approximately 12 in away and facing a fixed barbell or any counter located at hip height.
Place both you hands together to the far right of barbell or counter and lift your left knee just above bar height coiling it inward toward left elbow.
Extend your left leg laterally as if performing a martial art  “ side kick”, keeping it parallel to floor and in line with barbell or counter
Re-coil your knee back to left your left elbow.
Perform 2 sets of 30 kicks each leg.
Works your thighs and glutes

BARBELL GLUTE BRIDGE ( can be done without barbell)
Start by lying on floor with your knees at 90 degrees
Hold a barbell across front of your hip, just below your waistline
Pulse your hips upward until your back and hips are in line, keeping balls of feet elevated.
Slowly lower your hips without having glutes contact the floor
Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
Works your glutes and core. 

TICK TOK SQUAT ( can be done without band)
Start by standing on an exercise band with feet hip width and holding handles at shoulders.
Squat down until thighs are parallel to floor.
Raise from squat and simultaneously lift your right leg to the side, keeping it straight.
Return to squat and then repeat for left leg
Perform 2 sets 15 lifts each side which is 30 squats
Works your abductors, glutes, and thighs 

KETTLE BELL CROSS BACK LUNGE (can be done w/o kettlebell)
Start by holding a single kettle bell in front of your body with arms extended and your feet hip width.
Cross and lunge your left leg to the rear and slightly to the right , dropping your knee about 8 inches behind and inline with right knee.
The kettle bell should be directly over shoe laces, keeping your arms extended.
Return to start position and immediately cross back your right leg.
Works your thighs, hips, glutes, core.

Start by lying on bench , face down, with your waist positioned at back edge of the bench
Have your legs extended in a “v” position with your feet approximately 6 inches from the floor.
Lift both your legs upward as one unit, squeezing glutes until lower abdomen is slightly elevated from bench.
Perform 2 sets of 25 repetitions.
Works your glutes

 "Yogalite" exercise moves on MegaReformer,

Imagine if you took the standard butt lift exercises on the ground then take them on a wobbly but very flexible and adjustable shaky platform that forces you to stabilize your core abdominal muscles while pulling and pushing your limbs into curls using and against your very own body weight.  Then, taking this contraption even further, when you take the usually healing but passive yoga stretches into muscle-building and toning exercises onto this wobbly platform.

If you feel like your body is plateauing, doing the standard pilates, yoga, and butt lifts, curls, and squats-turning-into-butt kick-backs are amped up on a MegaReformer, a shaky exercise platform bed with adjustable pulleys and handles that pushes the average exercise routine beyond average with squeezing the core abdominal to keep you stable, all developed on a former bodybuilder's Lagree Fitness™.  Pardon the pun and forgive this scribe who tried and practiced the Lagree Fitness on MegaReformers, those MegaReformers will make your boring "yogilate" and Barre Butt Lifts on steroids then take them into the stratosphere.  Warning, doing your routine yoga and pilates moves on a MegaReformer really targets then burns those muscles into defined but bodacious muscles, where your muscles are your curves.  Nothing burns fat and tones a.k.a. "kicks" butts like an everyday lunge on a MegaReformer!

MegaReformers are so efficient and so intense (Jennifer Aniston and Brooke Burns love them) that instructors warn people "not to over-train on them" due to injuries and muscle fatigue.  The MegaReformer instructors and practitioners limit themselves to no more than three-days of "MegaReforming."  The norm is once a week.  The average fan does twice a week.  The hard-core do three-times a week then they give it a rest.  This is a well-deserved excuse for a pampering massage. 

 Ky Evans teaching & training,

 In Los Angeles, this is "Top Chefs" secret weapon in staying fit and fast, while being surrounded by food all day and all night long-an one hour burn and stretch on a MegaReformer.  The two "Top Chefs" of Melisse and Jiraffe, do MDR Studio's MegaMen MegaReformer Class on Saturdays only at 11am.  If this is good enough for busy top chefs, then it's good enough for foodies, making more room to enjoy this Foodie real adults.

Yoga & Pilate Moves on MegaReformers,

The common thread running through the routine butt exercises to the more advanced MegaReformer Pilates is this...a person so focused on mere dress size, usually Size Sub-Zero with a very early and dangerous on-set of Osteoporosis, wouldn't survive a day doing down-to-earth butt exercises, much less one session on a shaky MegaReformer.  One must have average build with a real and average fat to fuel the average amount of muscle just to do the necessary push-pull and leg and arm curls on a MegaReformer to actually watch instant sexy and sensually fit transformations.  Sub-Zero "Skinny Fatties" are the weakest link in the "belfies" revolution. 

Now, aren't those the "Belfie" curves that everyone wants and desire so much?!

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