Friday, July 25, 2014

From Poolside to Garden Party then back to Yacht, Bobi's Striped Cover-Up/Dress.

By Laura Medina

Whenever the Sun pops up at the beginning of Spring then blazes through Summer, the never-fails French Striped Sailor Shirt signals Nautical classic of sailing, pier, yachting, and the beach.

Many a women have borrowed or bought specifically over-sized nautical sweaters and shirts as a Summer Dress or a really preppy beach cover-up but the fitting wasn't quite right, until now...

Bobi USA came out with lush, plush velour striped Sailor Dress with a drawstring belt at the waist to cinch in for form and figure.

If "Mad Men" Joan Harris were to hit the beach, she would be wearing this, knowing she'll move onto a cocktail party later on.

At Angeleno's Live and Dine LA Food Festival,, this was an easy grab and go for instant Preppy chic, making this travel-worthy from Santa Monica to Charleston to The Hamptons.

Thank god for California's well-tempered climate that it was in the perfect '70's because the plushness of the velour carries it over into Fall.  Switch your sandals for rugged riding boots, this Bobi Sailor Dress will feel right at home in a Manhattan Fall.

Can't go wrong with Bobi's Striped Sailor Dress.

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