Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lucky Rice LA 2014 is moving to Create Nightclub in Hollywood on August 7

By Laura Medina

There's more to Chef Sang Yoon, other than the reinterpreted classic cheeseburger, gooey and gourmet, at the game-changing My Father's Office.  He used that as his launch pad into a Chinese restaurant he always dream of, Lukshon with it's Bhutan red rice dotted with lamb bacon.  He makes the basics fancy.

This Summer, Chef Sang Yoon is taking the booming Lucky Rice LA, Asian food festival/party and decamping to Create Nightclub in Hollywood next month on August 7th.

Yes, to all you cultivated Culver City folks, this is a big cultural shift and shock but there's only so much hungry party people H.D. Buttercup and Book Bindery can hold.  Besides, progress and growth are signs of success.

For those who are too busy to take advantage of DineLA Lunch and Dinner special at Lukshon or too busy to hit every hip Asian restaurant there is in greater LA, Lucky Rice LA is collected and gathered the best of the best Asian restaurants underneath one roof, such as:
Lukshon, Jet Tila, Hamasaku, Sunny Blue, RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen, Parks BBQ, Ayara Thai for Thai Tourism, Komodo Food, BEP Vietnamese Kitchen, Carb & Nation, Hopscotch, Asian Box, Phorage, Seoul Sausage, Bling Bling Dumpling, Michael’s Santa Monica, Fluff Ice, Doma Kitchen CafĂ©, Starry Kitchen and Katsuya.

Basically, you're eating and sampling the best of the best of Asian cuisine under one roof in one location.  How convenient is that?

In addition to the best Asian munchies, the best bars and mixologists are pairing and matching meals with the best and freshest cocktails from No Vacancy and Pour Vous.  To refresh and wash down the cocktail, you can guzzle all you want from the snappy Bruce Cost Ginger Ales.  Their bottles of ginger ale have bits of real ginger floating in them.  This is when you know you'll get the real snap of healthy snap and heat of ginger.

Lucky Rice LA is Lucky Rice's second stop on August 7th, http://luckyrice.com/upcoming-events#los-angeles-feast.  Actually, Luck Rice is a touring Asian foodie festival, selecting the best of each city's Asian chefs and restaurants.  After Los Angeles, it'll hit San Francisco Feast hosted by Chris Cosentino on September 5th,  Las Vegas on Oct ober 16th and Miami November 14th.

New Yorker founder, Danielle Chang, has a special spot for Los Angeles,..

We are excited to bring the Feast to Los Angeles and San Francisco, which is home to every conceivable type of Asian cuisine and culture, from creative Pacific-rim dining to street food grub, said LUCKYRICE Founder, Danielle Chang. With Californias large Asian population, brilliant dining culture and proximity to Asia, Asian food is everyday grub." 

Okay, now that Angeleno Magazine's Live and Dine LA foodie festival is done and over with, it's time to put your party hat on then eat and drink like crazy at Lucky Rice LA on August 7th.


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