Friday, January 29, 2010

Glamorous Inside and Out, Kristi Yamaguchi

By Laura Medina

Kristi Yamaguchi in "2008 Dancing with the Stars"
Just around the corner in two quick weeks, it's going to be the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, right in the middle of flu season.
When the world's top winter atheletes least need it.
Skating in, is Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympian and 1992 Gold Medalist in Women's Figure Skating, reporting about the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics games as a special correspondent for The Today Show and Universal Sports.
Which means, in between packing and doing her homework on the new crop of Winter Olympians, she was considerate enough to take time out of her hectic schedule to discuss how taking care of the inside can really affect the outside.

Kristi winning "2008 Dancing with the Stars"

Her mother, who was a medical secretary, really instilled in Kristi, to operate at peak performance she had to have her flu shots if she wants to compete constantly at top competition level.

Without worrying about getting sick, not only did Kristi focused on her jumps and spins, she looked her best doing them, giving her the edge to win the Gold Medal in Women's Figuring Skating at the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics.
"I have to give credit where credit is due and that is, to my mother. My mother started taking me to get my flu shot when I was training for the Olympics and one of my friends caught influenza and unfortunately wasn’t able to compete because of it. My mother wanted to do everything she could to keep me healthy, especially during competition season, and has inspired me to do the same! That’s why I make sure my entire family is vaccinated against this potentially life-threatening disease every year."
Now, as both an athlete and a mom, their family's health is the utmost importance to her.
This is why she is the spokesperson for the American Lung Association’s "Faces of Influenza."
Witnessing how serious influenza can stricken a person's lungs and how it can strike anyone at anytime, Kristi wants to point out how a simple shot can keep people strong and healthy throughout the whole year.
Once a person takes care of the inside, she can focus on the fun stuff-the outside.
As the spokeswoman for OPI Nail Polish

There is more to Kristi's fitness routine than vaccination shots and physical fitness.
As a busy figure skater, she realized the importance of a polished appearance while performing at your optimal best, without the flu's runny nose, coughing, and raging fever.
Now, as a even busier role of sports correspondent, mom, and skater, Kristi finds the ease of OPI's NIC STICKS a quick way to dress up while on the road or on the run while saving the traditional bottle of OPI's nail polish during the off season.
OPI Nail's slogan, "Respect Yourself, Respect the World," connects to her philosophy,
"By getting a flu shot, you are not only protecting yourself from influenza, but you are also protecting those around you by helping to prevent spreading the virus to those who might be at risk for developing serious complications from influenza."
Being health conscious and physically clean are the foundation that gives any person the chance to build upon a glamourous look.
As for what her nails are going to wear for the Olympics, for Kristi, it's a no brainer...
"Oh that’s an easy question. I already know that I’m going to wear Nicole by OPI “Keep It Real” and “I Pink I Love You” – two of my favorite shades!"

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