Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guy Gear for Anyone in Inclement Weather

By Laura Medina
Nick Verreos, celebrity fashion expert, with models showing off the best foul weather gear.
Can't think of a better time to pinpoint key trends in men's Fall and Winter wear than when it's gray, cold, and rainy.
Quilted or lightly padded lining in plaid, examplified by Mr. Verreos above, adds that extra dash of flash to otherwise drab outside and more importantly, keeps you insulated in the cold.

Military/Aviator Outer Tailoring

Since military fabric and tailoring is, first and foremost, function and protection over style, it's the most predominate and most enduring classic that never goes out of fashion.

Those military tailors never intended their rainproof fabrics and shoulder straps/epaulets to be stylish and timeless details in men's and unisex construction for outerwear but they're still there from the aviator jacket, above, to the classic trench coat.

What an unexpected detailing, the shoulder strap.

It's orginally meant to be a "shoulder belt" to hold and carry guns, swords, and backpacks. Now, it denotes a classic, reliable flair that both genders can wear for ages and now, can be used to keep your totes and purses in place.

The water-resistant and weather-proof nylon and treated cotton in heavy-duty weave are the foundation of any outerwear garment. They're the modern day shield against whipping winds, crunchy snow, and pounding rain.

Built to last.

Layering over existing clothes

Since functionality trumps over frivolity, there's way to layer existing garments without looking like a schlump.

Take the cues from the British "Towne to Country" set and pair button-down, light-weight knitted vests over button-down shirts or even long-sleeved tees, all under a military jacket
for an effortless look for a whole lot less money.

Plaid is where it's at.

If you really want to go All-American Preppy, quit the stereotypical Eighties Preppy Handbook and dump the cliche Southern Plantation Owner in Stripes or in all white and go retro.

As in vintage Fifties Eisenhower Republican, again a "Mad Men" reference. Mainstream fifties men's sportswear meets Greaser-in plaid-only on one item-not head to toe or all-over.

Knits as Jackets

Over your dumpy hoodie? Sick of your peeling off your cableknit pullover sweater on and off?

It's, again, Fifties College Varsity "Big Man On Campus" sweater meets early twentieth-first hoodie that you can zip in and out with ease.

Cardigan as innerwear

To reiterate, you can take your button-down sweater, aka, cardigan over button-shirt and under your jacket.

As long it's light-weight, not bulky knits or knots, and the jacket is cut and sewn along a princess seam for that English Tailored Look, not only are you warm. You'll appear you lost five pounds after the holidays.

That's how you really survive the foul elements. You look good doing it.

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