Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dakota Fanning is Rocking it as a Runaway

Dakota Fanning at Sundance Film Festival promoting "The Runaways"

If you still envision Dakota Fanning as this cherubic moppet, recalibrate your perception.

She is going to be sweet sixteen next month and ready to kick her child actor image goodbye.

In the biopic, "The Runaways," it's a true lifestory of the influential, bad-ass, Seventies all-girl rock band, "The Runaways."

Based on Joan Jett's life and executive produced by her, she and "The Runaways" are the template for all-female rock musicians and bands, punk or rock. The forerunners to "bad girls gone wrong" The Donnas and any women rockers. They were the teenaged version of the women's liberation gone amok and proud of it.

It's also a story of destructive excess as the teen rockers age out of their teenage years.

Nothing proves this story as "New Moon" alumni, Kirsten Stewart as Joan Jett and no longer innocent Dakota as heavily glossed and blushed Cherie Currie in garter-belts and corsets, locking in a full-on kiss.

Dakota wasn't in lingerie at Sundance premiere for this movie but she's no longer in pinafores.

She is goth rocker chic in ACNE's "Supreme" black tiered cotton dress.

With the vampire flick, "New Moon," and the bad-ass bio pic, "The Runaways" under her belt, Ms. Fanning is ready to shed off her child actor skin.

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