Monday, February 1, 2010

"Ugly Betty" Alert! Brian Reyes and a Blooming Onion save the Day!!!

By Laura Medina

The Infamous "Blooming Onion"
Spoiler Alert!
New York designer and America Ferrera's, a.k.a. Betty Suarez, fashion pal, Brian Reyes was kind enough to make this rare guest appearance as himself for the show's hilarious fashion week episode, titled "The Blooming Onion."
Based on exclusive conversation and scoop, Mr. Reyes' people told The Arriviste about plotline-and this is the only thing they can say.
As usual, our heroine has to save the day, her boss, and the magazine.
While doing so, she bumps into Brian innocently lunching on a blooming onion.

Brian's shots of the Brooklyn set

Of course, he's glad to help and Betty, together with Brian, rescues another day at Mode Magazine. And, that's the only thing his people will say.

Cast and Crew

These are behind-the-scene shots of the "Ugly Betty" cast and crew filming at a restaurant in Queens, New York.

Since he and his staff are long-time loyal fans of the show when it was the Spanish, "Betty La Fea," ;and Mr. Reyes is Ms. Ferrera's friend, he was more than thrilled to jumped in and spend a couple of weeks filming his first prime time television experience.

You can watch his acting debut this Wednesday night at 10pm on ABC and keep your eye out for the "Blooming Onion!"

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Erin said...

I can't wait to see Brian Reyes on Ugly Betty! All of his designs are so chic, and I think it's so cool he watched the original telenovela while growing up.