Friday, January 8, 2010

Tease Me, Please Me by Minx Nails

By Laura Medina

Minx Nails' Tease Me Black & Silver

Toying with the idea of a dangerously cute tattoo? Or, did you run out of space and ideas?

Are you still smarting from that lasered-off, stale, old tattoo from 1995?

Want to dip your toes into the Eighties Nostalgia but survived the neon jersey shoulder pads first time around?

Do what Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, "Flaunt Magazine's" beauty editor, Donald Simlock, and other subversively sauve male executives or outlandishly macho rock stars, such as Lisa Marie's guitarist husband, Michael Lockwood do-slip on some decorative nail art from Minx Nails.

Weary of dealing chipped off nail polishes and the lack of patterned nail enamels, graphic designer, Janice Jordan and her friend, Dawn Lynch-Goodwin found this amazing film that can be imprinted with all sorts of sketches and stencils and prints.

Tease Me White & Silver
Flexible but durable, Minx Nails isn't your run-of-the mill press-on nails.
The silken but tough polymer film won over legions of hard-charging performers and musicians who rip up the stage nightly without fretting over shredding their nails.
Alexander McQueen is the latest to wave the flag for Minx Nails, where this current Tease Collection made its formally debut on his Spring/Summer 2010 Runway.

Tease Me Black and Red

Other than being stuck with an sour, old tatt, you can buff on the latest couture in a wink on a budget.

Or, flash your inner fashionista or rock star, if you're in a traditional suit in a conservative environment. Half of Minx Nails wearers are men in suits who get their toesies and pinkies glazed in All-Americana naval tattoos , such as the Stars and Stripes and the Red, White, and Blue Anchor.

Going to a Minx Nails trained salon or a technican is like to a tattoo shop. The technican gives you a booklet of patterns and art that you can select.

Unlike a tattoo parlor, the technican will have you prep in an ultra-luxe chair while giving you a soothing pedicare and/or manicure. Your nails need to be clean and prep for an even application.

Under a heat lamp, the technican skillfully glide a nail-shaped strip of whatever design you picked, craftfully trim and shape it then gently soothe and smooth away the bumps for a polish but tough veneer. Tough enough for guitar-swaggering rock musicans, the most of Minx Nails clients.

Since the tricky designs are pre-sketched onto the enamel strip, there are no time-frustrating hand dipping or painting or the sloppy results. In thirty minutes, max, your talons or thumbs (the preferred male way of displaying decorative nail art) showcase either the latest in fashion or your allegiance (again, very popular among sly dandies).

On the other hand-yes, pun very much intended-it isn't too rigid when it times to switching around patterns and trends and signias.

With Minx Nails, you can truly be on the cutting edge or subtly sly on the fly, like Minx Nails' latest, disco mirrored/grid Tease Line (the nails above) while saving your skin.

Co-founder Janice Jordan, “The Teaser line is a little more subtle, but each color has layers of metallic undertones, making it impossible to decide exactly what color you are looking at. The color just keeps teasing you depending on the angle, the light, and what you are wearing, and everyone knows we Minxes love a good tease!”

The iridescent finish, the progression of the shiny metallic colors and designs, variations of pewter and bronze, and the shimmering blue, red, green and white flashing with the silver get you ready to groove on the dance floor.

Wink your inner rock star, pop diva or fashionista flirt on your finger tips-even in the office.

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