Monday, January 18, 2010

The Countdown to the Runway

By Laura Medina
Jazmin Whitley dressing one of the models
There's more to a fashion show than the glitz, the glam, and the chaos.
This is a documentary of prepping a fashion show, the count down before the event.
There is more to it than a party.

Li Cari's Jazmin Whitley goes over minute details, knowing each and every little component can make or break an outfit.

It's not just the hair stylists fixing do's.

The designer has final say on the appearance so don't be surprised if a designer fusses over hair and makeup, switching a clip or a pin. Above, Jazmin fixes a red bow that matches the dress.

Part of a fashion designer's job right before the show is adjusting, pinning, and fitting the models, making them look flawless before they set foot on the runway.

The final run-through, complementing the whole look, does the hair swing with that outfit?

Great Anticipation
It's not only the designer breaking a sweat, some models anticipate the final steps, the walk while steeling their nerves in front of an audience of buyers, press, photographers, and fashionista fans.

Yes, models do eat and need to eat
While designers, stylists, and other models fret, some models chill and fuel up on lean protein and healthy sandwich wraps and snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables, giving them the stamina to stomp the walkway and change in-and-out in a nanosecond.

To make it better, nothing is settled until the last second.
For better presentation, stylists and designers swap and switch polaroids for an improved line-up.

The calm before the storm

Sometimes, prepping for a show is like the military, "hurry up and wait."
Once the hair and makeup are fixed, the outfits adjusted, and the designer and stylists finally agree on what's right, the models causally chat for support and camaderie.

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