Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to be slick like Rick for the Golden Globes

By Laura Medina

Golden Globe 2010 host, Ricky Gervais in Ted Baker's "RELEASE" Suit

This fashion chronciler and numerous others of this particular ink has been harping about the women on the red carpet.
But, what about the guys?
Unless you're a nonchalant cowboy like Mickey Rouke, the gentlemen of the Golden Globes are just as stylish but way more subtle.
They're so discreet, that your male significant other can don their outfits for Valentine's Day and beyond that nobody would notice it's lifted directly from Ricky Gervais or it's two years from now.
It was a great honor for British contemporary wear, Ted Baker, to dress Mr. Gervais for his big step up in Hollywood.
And in return, Mr. Gervais was totally awed that Ted Baker especially went of their way to specially design a suit for him then named it in his honor, the "Slick Rick Party Suit from Ted Baker Fall 10 collection. The other name for it is "RELEASE." The suit came from their Endurance Range.
Aptly named, since Golden Globe night is the first night of torrential rain currently hitting the City of Angels.
With hard partying during an intense rainfall, a man may need something slick and durable for awards show or a rainy date.
It's crease resistant because the fabric is high performance fabrication and the weave retains it's shape.
The tailoring is efficient by saving on excess fabric for a more effective shape and cut.
The inner detailing has a sculptured facing, sometimes known as a ‘piano facing’ because it resembles the top of a grand piano. The folks at Ted Baker calls this, "extravagant" because they are cutting the fabric into an elaborate shape, reducing leftover fabric.
Making the RELEASE Suit more "Slick Rick," are the distinctive, environmental, but way tougher Corrozo nut buttons. Indigenous to Ecuador, these are stronger than the traditional horn buttons.
Compared to equally sharply tailored suits using more traditional but less efficient fabric or organically incorrect buttons, Ted Baker suits come in a more reasonable price range but especially built, in and out, for the twentieth-first century man.

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