Monday, April 16, 2018

Young Hollywood Got Jammin' at Lucky Brand's Desert Jam Pool Party During Coachella, Coachella State of Mind.

By Laura Medina

Coachella has grown and evolved from a rag tag team of indie musicians and their laid-back fans, okay with camping out on the festival ground itself.  Those are days of yore.

Much like Sundance, it's the sponsors who makes everything easier, more glamourous, and way more plush...and more affordable.

What morphed from a need for sunscreen and cooling with any source of water and heat relief, has blossomed into style lounges, pampering lounges, and much needed pool parties.

The festival weekends has grown from trend-forecasting into experimental labs, in figuring out what Millennials and Gen-Zers (don't forget the original Gen-Xers) want for the future Spring/Summer.

Lucky Brand Denim was no different from their Levi's competitor across Palm Springs/Coachella Valley.

Other than finding out what Millennials and Gen-Zers want for Summer, their Desert Jam pool party was their gracious hospitality for influencers and Young Hollywood to cool and enjoy the unofficial but very much real that "Spring Has Sprung."

Lucky Brand was nice enough to offer young musical talent, literally a platform to debut, while the audience splash around in a Jaira Burns, Naomi Wild, and unbeknownst to this scribe, Kendall and Kylie Jenner's best friend, Harry Hudson.

For them, performing at Lucky Brand's Desert Jam is a big deal.

Naomi Wild had to break and sneak into Coachella Festival, but none of the parties.

Harry Hudson set everyone straight when he informed, "Not everyone at Coachella, gets into a private party." He's so right.

As soon he said that affirmation, he leaped straight from the stage to the pool.  

This scribe, soon after, jumped into the pool, alongside him.

Guests were treated to classic mustard & ketchup hot dog, chili dog, and jalapeno hot dogs.

These Coachella parties are also a great place to launch new snacks and new flavors.  Guests guzzled on new flavors of CORE Water.

It was so hot, that guys and girls (like this scribe) just have to leap into the pool.  Security and management are okay with this.  Why? It's Palm Springs, the right place.  It's Coachella, the right time.

There were ping pong tennis tables for those not soaking to cool off.

For all his controversy lately, let remind you all what made Logan Paul popular in the first place.  His athletic skills and small muscles are amazing and sharp, Old Hollywood deadwood, watch out.  Young Hollywood is sharp.

You don't have to be technically Millennial or Gen-Z or Gen-X to fully experience and enjoy Coachella's hospitality afternoon parties.

Remember, Hollywood, to some extent, Coachella and it's accompanying parties, are based on merit.  Coachella is a meritocracy.  It's not always about demographics or age discrimination.  Acting and true Hollywood takes years of drive, interest, and steadily building a body of work to get you into the VIP shop and these awesome parties.  Look at actor/astronaut/Renaissance Man, Pete Freeland.  After years of training into two opposite fields, he finally made it to Coachella.

It's more of a "Young of Heart," than age to fully appreciate the Coachella Festival season.

To keep the heat at bay, FHI Brands styling hair tools set a braiding and updo hair styling suite to look chic and keep cool.

Scunci's hair scrunchies are making a comeback for the second generation, in sequin and velvet.

Scunic is making it better, personalizing and bedazzling them, hot-gluing rhinestones.

Remember, being young at heart is a state of mind, as much as Coachella.
Guests paired Jack Daniel's cocktails, sipping as they guzzled CORE flavored water.

Coachella is now a state of mind.

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