Monday, April 30, 2018

Stagecoach is Coming Up Out of Coachella's Shadow with H20 Beauty Oasis at Zenyara with Williams-Sonoma and Guy Fieri & Kelsea Ballerini..

By Laura Medina

Being down home makes you more sympathetic then arrogant.

This is what Stagecoach is all about and becoming, emerging out of Coachella's mainstream pop and alter rock with it's own sense of heart and soul.

Other than country music stars offering fans their own refreshing cocktails to hydrate fans then getting down with them, like Trisha Yearwood with her Williams-Sonoma Aloha in a Cup, as Stagecoach's official cocktail.

The pioneering water-based skincare line, H20 Beauty opened the latest and newest Coachella resort to fans, Zenyara, specifically built for Coachella and Stagecoach festivals.  At their hydrating lounge, which was pool party central, they offered free concerts by bonafided country music stars, such as Kelsea Ballerini.

In between sets, country music stars refresh and got down with fans. No creeps here.

Being down home means being friendly and considerate, true inclusion.

It also means thoughtfulness, which translate into being smart.

H20 Beauty hooked up with Fit Fab Fun to open up Zenyara into Stagecoach's hydrating lounge as an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Fine time to try out H20 Beauty's water gel Hydrating Treatment moisturizing  By the way, H2O Beauty isn't snotty and it's affordable, which helps out on expenses. H20 Beauty and Fit Fab Fun's Stagecoach pampering kit gives you what you need.

You know Stagecoach is coming up as it's own when Williams-Sonoma is doing it as sweepstake contest.

What's even cooler, literally, Food Network and country star, Trisha Yearwood is launching her cocktail and BBQ line with Williams-Sonoma at Stagecoach.  In fact, one of her cocktail mixer, Aloha Y'All (pineapple-based cocktail inspired by her doing a military concert in Hawaii) is Stagecoach's official cocktail, that Trisha sips while sitting down with fans.

Festival Attendees Encouraged to Share Images of Summer in a Cup Cocktail for
hance to Meet Yearwood Backstage at Country Music Festival

Stagecoach Festival in partnership with Trisha Yearwood and Williams Sonoma announced today that Yearwood’s best-selling cocktail mix, Summer in a Cup, will be the official cocktail of this year’s country music festival.

Summer in a Cup is Yearwood’s own signature recipe for the ultimate summer refresher – a vibrant combo of tangerine and cherry juices blended with pineapple juice. Williams Sonoma is the exclusive retailer of the Summer in a Cup cocktail mix that has quickly become a favorite drink for Yearwood fans and Williams Sonoma customers. At Stagecoach this year, Summer in a Cup will be available at every bar where draft cocktails are sold. Additionally, Williams Sonoma and Yearwood will also be debuting the new Aloha flavor of Summer in a Cup at an on-site branded pineapple bar activation located in the center of the festival.
Stagecoach attendees are encouraged to share photos of their Stagecoach experiences with Yearwood and Williams Sonoma by using the hashtag #AlohaTrisha. Three lucky people who share images of their Summer in a Cup cocktail will be chosen by Williams Sonoma to meet Yearwood backstage before her performance on Sunday.
“I’m honored ‘Summer in a Cup’ was chosen as the official cocktail of Stagecoach,” said Trisha Yearwood. “I can’t wait to see everyone’s photos with #AlohaTrisha and experience this awesome weekend with the fans.”
The opportunity to have a chance to meet Yearwood backstage by sharing a Summer in a Cup photo from Stagecoach with @WilliamsSonoma and @TrishaYearwood using hashtag #AlohaTrisha begins on Friday April 27, 2018 at noon PDT and ends at 4pm PDT on Sunday, April 29, 2018.
Adding to the Food Network love, remember it's friendly to be down home versus Coachella's style scene over get-down to be down home, Guy Fieri made it a big ole BBQ so folks can be at home.
Stagecoach is becoming unto it's own with its own hospitality, away from Coachella's hipster haughtiness. 

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