Monday, April 9, 2018

Coachella Stylin' Part One for Weekend One.

By Laura Medina

Coachella is a Millennial's crossroad intersection of where Summer fashion meets music, out in the sun.

Milly x Fred Segal pop-shop collaboration selling Milly's Wildflower collections, and color palette are so apt for Palm Springs/Coachella desert sun and the desert flowers blooming right now.

Hot pink lace corset, light-weight chambray wide-leg, flare jeans, and pleating in stretch silk satin in hot desert, vivid colors, being modeled and tested by the psych-rock, all-girls rock trio, Pinky Pinky the Band,

This is girl power and empowerment in action.  Rock on!

Since you're gonna party underneath the sun, in the UV rays, Supergoop x Milly's spray-on SPF 50 sunscreen feels really misting it on.  This travel-sized spritz can be easily popped into a tote or back pack.

Cyril Tunic off-shoulder peasant blouse, paired with Camel suede motorcycle jacket and cropped flared jean, from Reiko's Spring/Summer 2018 collection, they're French take on Coachella/Hippy/Wild West Americana that will be classic Summer Style.

Since Coachella mega-music festival is big enough to be split into two weekends, Splat hair color got enough temporary dyes and highlights and deep lights to get your inner mermaid, fairy, and unicorn out for a weekend then easily shampooed out to dump you back in the mortal when Monday returns.  No harm done.

You can brush on deep and vivid Splat Hair Dye easily to cover up the grays for a weekend.

You can slick on Splat's hair chalk for pastel highlights, again easy on, easy off.

Remember, this is only for the first weekend of Coachella.

Whatever you wear during Coachella, you pretty much have your Summer and Spring style set.

Stay tuned for more Coachella hot styles.

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