Thursday, April 19, 2018

Glamping Coachella Camping Snacks or Meals or For Any Picnic.

By Laura Medina

Thanks to the latest local Los Angeles weather report, yes...people still camp during Coachella.  But, car camping has been delayed by a day due to strong winds.  So, those "Coachellians" are making do camping and partying in the locals' supermarket parking lot.

If you're gonna be budget-conscious like those campers or you're "glamping" safe and sound in a cheap motel/hotel or smart enough to AirBNB  and wanna be a gracious guest by bringing "thank you" care packages, here's the list to fun and healthy treats and snacks to get you by, concert camping or "glamping."

Once Coachella and Stagecoach have blown over, this is a sophisticated guide to picnicking in a park.

Concerned with immediate needs, let's focus on this as "festival picnicking" for other festivals where they don't have food trucks.

For those Coachellians forced to go car camping in others' parking lots, you want to start the day with breakfast.

Here are some easy, portable breakfasts that doesn't look or taste healthy but they're necessarily are...

Buff Bake protein sandwich cookies, are fun to snack on like regular cookies but they're way easier way to breakfast camping, driving, or picnicking.

Camping is what brought Muck Pack protein cookies to life,

If you're a 100% pure snacker, you still need breakfast.  Pop Chips' Nutter Puffs of peanut butter puffs, instead of traditional cheese puffs, are a new fun way to snack while getting your breakfast on.

What appears like ordinary tortilla chips, they're portable lunch packed with vegan protein.

Beanitos are tortilla chips and cheese puffs based on black beans, pinto beans, and navy beans.

GimMe Organic Seaweed Chips are loaded with proteins from seaweed and lentil beans.

For dessert, you can munch on pure fluff of Smashmallows or their new ready-made Smashmallows Crispy's rice crispies, healthier version of rice crispies.

Alright, 100% snacking now.

You'll feel less guilty and feel better squeezing into that crochet bikini and Daisy Dukes Denim Shorts snacking on Snikiddy Cheese Baked Puffs and Baked Fries.

Pure, plain, and simple but healthy tortilla chips.

Still can't stomach beans, this scribe feels you.  Instead of sugared nuts, trick yourself into sugared roasted beans that taste and feel like roasted nuts.

Did that and done that with traditional snacks, try DANG snack chips that are usually wasted but repurposed into purposeful snack that are fun and healthy addictive without the guilty.

Okay, you gotta stay hydrated out in the desert...

Nothing healthier than ginger beer.  It's just ginger ale with a lot of ginger in it, enough to boost immune system and burn those germs.  Especially if you're concert camping.

Thirsty for a soda alternative?

In keeping in with Coachella's fun-loving hippy dippy vibe, chug down cans of rooibos teas in a can, BOS iced can of Rooibos Iced teas in flavors of: Ginger-Lime, Peach, Lemon, Berry, and underrated yet oh so refreshingly crisp Apple.

Think of this guide as essential concert camping or if picnicking out in the park, a fancy, healthy snack guide.

If you want to get your edge on, these beverages make for a good cocktail base.

Either way, you'll feel better inside and out.

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